Passiflora lutea

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 200-500 cm (6.6-16.4 ft)
Flower Colors: white, green, yellow
Flower Season: mid summer to late summer
Usage: climber rhizome
Life form: deciduous rhizome
Climate: USDA Zone 7-9

Passiflora lutea L., the yellow Passionflower, is a central North American species spreading from Pennsylvania to Kansas and down to Texas. It prefers moist locations in bright shade or part-day sun. Despite being called "yellow" both in English and Latin, the small (up to 2 cm) but mass-produced flowers rather are a greenish off-white. They are followed by black berries if pollinated, but are (almost) as self sterile as most passion flowers. They belong to subgenus Decaloba and thus are incompatible with the sometimes overlapping Passiflora incarnata.

Passiflora Lutea, Martin BohnetPassiflora Lutea, size comparison with Oxalis magnifica, Martin Bohnet

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