Pseudotrillium is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the Trilliaceae family containing the single species Pseudotrillium rivale. This genus was proposed in 2002 on the basis of both morphology and molecular evidence.

Pseudotrillium rivale (S. Watson) S.B. Farmer, (syn. Trillium rivale S. Watson), known by the common name brook wakerobin, is found along rocky streambanks and Darlingtonia bogs, usually in serpentine soils from 40 to 1500 m in the Siskiyou Mountains in southwestern Oregon and northwestern Califonia. Growing up to 20 cm, it has shiny blue green leaves with silvery veins and flowers with green sepals and pink blushed white purple spotted petals. It flowers April to June. The first photo from Bill Dijk. The next image was taken by Steve Matson May 2003 in Mono County California and is included under a CC BY-NC license. The last three photos were taken by Keir Morse and are included here under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

Pseudotrillium  rivale, Bill DijkPseudotrillium  rivale, Steve Matson, CC BY-NCPseudotrillium  rivale, Keir Morse, CC BY-NC-SAPseudotrillium  rivale, Keir Morse, CC BY-NC-SAPseudotrillium  rivale, Keir Morse, CC BY-NC-SA

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