Romanzoffia is a member of the Hydrophyllaceae (or an expanded Boraginaceae in the subfamily Hydrophylloideae) which consists of 5 species, 3 of which occur in California. All species are restricted to western North America. Not all species fit into the geophyte category and only those that do are listed here.

Romanzoffia tracyi or Tracy’s Mistmaiden is a tuberous deciduous perennial from salt spray zone rocks on the Pacific Ocean, northern California to the south half of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, always within 30 m of the salt spray zone on rocky cliffs. Flowers in spring; dormant in summer. Text by Kathleen Sayce and photos taken by Julie Tennis. Photo 1 was taken in habitat from Cape Disappointment State Park, WA. Photo 2 is of seed pods and seeds.

Romanzoffia tracyi, Julie TennisRomanzoffia tracyi, Julie Tennis

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