Scilla peruviana

Scilla peruviana L. (the proposed name change for this species is Oncostema peruviana) is native to Portugal, Spain, and south of Italy, not Peru! There is a tale about the arrival of the bulbs on the ship named 'Peru' discussed here. It is winter growing and spring blooming with a short dormant period in summer and the reputation for skipping flowering seasons on occasion. The species is widely grown in many gardens with Mediterranean climates.

The first two photos by Bob Rutemoeller show several stages of bloom. Remaining photos by David Pilling: photo 3 shows commercial bulbs on a 10 mm grid; photo 4 a seed head and photo 5 seed.

Scilla peruviana, Bob RutemoellerScilla peruviana, Bob RutemoellerScilla peruviana bulb, 15th October 2013, David PillingScilla peruviana seed head, 17th July 2014, David PillingScilla peruviana seed, 17th July 2014, David Pilling

Photo 1 is of a clump with 14 flower stalks, although some not visible, grown from Angelo Porcelli. Photos 2-3 were taken by Rodger Whitlock at an early stage of flowering. Photos 4-5 were taken by Kathleen Sayce.

Scilla peruviana, Angelo PorcelliScilla peruviana, Rodger WhitlockScilla peruviana, Rodger WhitlockScilla peruviana, Kathleen SayceScilla peruviana, Kathleen Sayce

Here is a picture of a white flowering one taken by Mary Sue Ittner.

Scilla peruviana alba, Mary Sue Ittner

This form, known in horticulture as "harrisiana" has pinkish mauve flowers and it's a sterile triploid, it never set seeds and it's likely to be a cross of peruviana x Scilla sicula, although its origin is unknown and the varietal name has no validity. Photo 2 is a pale blue form and photo 3 is a dark purple-violet form, both selected by Angelo Porcelli in a batch of seed grown plants.

Scilla peruviana harrisiana, Angelo PorcelliScilla peruviana pale blue, Angelo PorcelliScilla peruviana purple violet, Angelo Porcelli

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