Seemannia Regel is a genus of the family Gesneriaceae which for awhile was placed in genus Gloxinia until 2005. It is an almost exclusively Andean genus with the greatest concentration of species in Bolivia, northern Argentina and southern Peru. Flowers are often red or pink, and the genus is in wide cultivation. Sources: Gesneriad Reference Web and Plants of the World Online.

Seemannia gymnostoma (Griseb.) Toursark. is native to southern Peru, Bolivia, and NW. Argentina. This Bolivian native is a tall (more than 1 m) summer growing rhizomatous winter dormant plant. It needs time to grow, but then flowers for a long time and has a relatively short dormancy. Photos taken by Johannes-Ulrich Urban of a cultivated plant grown under glass.

Seemannia gymnostoma, Johannes-Ulrich UrbanSeemannia gymnostoma, Johannes-Ulrich Urban

Seemannia nematanthodes (Kuntze) K.Schum. Native range is Bolivia to NW. Argentina. The pictured plant is a Bolivian native and will flower profusely for a long time in summer. Winter dormant. Seems to be identical with the form 'Evita'. Photos 1 and 2 by Johannes-Ulrich Urban.

Seemannia nematanthodes, Johannes-Ulrich UrbanSeemannia nematanthodes, Johannes-Ulrich Urban

Seemannia purpurascens Rusby. Native range is Guianas, Peru to Bolivia and Brazil. This Bolivian native is a very tall (up to 1.5 m) summer grower. It will flower very well in late summer but needs a long time to grow tall first. Short winter dormancy. Can be kept shorter in smaller pots with less fertilizer. Excellent outdoors in warm enough climates. Photos 1 and 2 taken under glass in Germany by Johannes-Ulrich Urban.

Seemannia purpurascens, Johannes-Ulrich UrbanSeemannia purpurascens, Johannes-Ulrich Urban

Seemannia sylvatica (Kunth) Hanst. Native range is Ecuador to Brazil and Paraguay.

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