Stenanthium is a genus in the family Liliaceae or Melanthiaceae. It is a small genus with 2 North American species and 2 east Asian species. They are sometimes cultivated as garden ornamentals. They are very variable in morphology.

Stenanthium gramineum is native to the eastern United States. The tepals are white to greenish yellow, 4–10 mm in length and are not recurved distally.

Stenanthium occidentale (syn. Anticlea occidentalis) is native to the extreme northern California north to British Columbia. The flowers are tubular-campanulate with tepals greenish to brownish purple, 10–20 mm in length, and recurved distally. The plants stand 0.3-0.6 m (1-2 feet) tall. They can be found in various habitats but tend to stay in areas where there is plenty of moisture. They flower in mid-summer. The photos below were taken by Kathleen Sayce on Angora Peak, Oregon on north facing wet rocks.

Stenanthium occidentale, Kathleen SayceStenanthium occidentale, Kathleen Sayce

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