Tropaeolum ciliatum

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 300-500 cm (9.8-16.4 ft)
Flower Colors: yellow, patterned
Usage: climber

Tropaeolum ciliatum Ruiz & Pav. can be found in Chilean regions V to IX in the shadows of mountain ranges from 500 to 2000 m above sea level. It's a vigorous climber that can reach well above 3 m height quickly. The yellow to light orange flowers are about 1.5 cm wide and appear in masses between the delicate 5-lobed foliage.

Martin Bohnet grows them both frost free in a container and planted out in the garden. In the container, the plants are more or less evergreen, and flowering is erratic. Containers have to be deep as this is one of the deep digging species. This behavior may help them survive the occasionally -12 °C of southern Germany, though the overground growth will not take cold down to less than - 4 or -5 °C, which is likely the reason they have yet to flower in the open garden. The third photo shows a plant climbing into an elderberry in November.

Tropaeolum ciliatum, Martin BohnetTropaeolum ciliatum, Martin BohnetTropaeolum ciliatum foliage, Martin Bohnet

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