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On this page we describe the steps you need to add a file from your computer to our wiki, to add a link for that file to a wiki page, and to announce this to the pbs list. In order to edit wiki pages and upload files you need to be a PBS list member and an approved wiki user. For information about how to become either of these contact us.

Naming Your File

Most of the files added to this wiki will be image files and they can be .gif or .png (best for drawings) or .jpg (best for photos) or .svg files. Every image file of a plant should include the full genus name with the first letter capitalized followed by an underscore and then the species name in lower case, followed by a period and the file extension in lower case. Be sure there are no spaces in your file name, no strange punctuation marks or extra periods and to include the file extension (.jpg or .png). Only underscores, dots, hyphens, numbers, letters are allowed. Because image files on the wiki must be uniquely named, we prefer that you append the name of your image with your initials and if you wish other identifying information or a location. Therefore, if you're John Doe, you might name your image:
Examples: Brodiaea_elegans_JD.jpg or Brodiaea_elegans_Mendocino_JD.jpg or Brodiaea_elegans_corms_JD.jpg

If you have more than one photo of the same thing you will need to include numbers to tell them apart.
Example: Brodiaea_elegans_JD2.jpg

You may also upload .pdf files. If they contain material about a specific genus, they should also be named with that Genus followed by an underscore to put that file in the correct directory.
Example: Iris_summary.pdf

Sizing Your File

The wiki will scale images automatically. If you wish to control scaling keep the image size below 1920 x 1280 pixels.
The maximum file size for a pdf that can be uploaded is 350 KB. If you think you need a larger size, please contact one of the wiki administrators.

Uploading Your File

It is helpful to upload the file from the wiki page you want to add it to. Select that page and click on the Upload button on the bottom of the screen.

  • Use the "Browse" button to find the "File to upload" on your local computer.
  • Use the "Name attachment as:" field if you want to name the file differently than it is named on your local computer (don't forget the extension). This box allows you to rename a file on your computer to match our requirements (Genus_species_Initials.jpg)
  • Press "Upload" to upload the file. If you are going to upload many photos you may wish to have more than one window or tab open at the same time.

If you are successful after the file is uploaded a message will appear with the name of the file that has been successfully uploaded. Be sure that you have written out the complete Genus name followed by an underscore as that will assure that your file automatically goes into a subdirectory for that genus if there is one.

Adding Your File to a Wiki Page

If you have uploaded the file from the page that you want to add it to, there will be a link on the bottom of the upload screen leading you to edit that page. Otherwise you will have to enter the page you want to edit in your Browser. First copy the name of the file.

Edit the page, add the name of your plant alphabetically. If the genus is not already listed add it in the same way as others have done. You can use the Gui Buttons on the edit screen to help you with the markup. See Editing Tips for more information on how to do this. Write about your plant, credit the source, and follow the directions below to add your image. If this plant is already pictured on the wiki, you may want to append the text description and add your text. Preview your work, being sure that your text is formatted properly and that your file link works. Make any necessary changes until you are satisfied and then save your work.

To add an image to a page, type Mini followed by a colon followed by the name of the file you copied. Please add short text to describe the image and the photographer by adding "your text" after the extension:
Example: Mini:Brodiaea_elegans_js.jpg"Brodiaea elegans, Jane Smith"
This will create the thumbnail on the page with a link to the full-sized image and text in the box describing the name of the plant pictured and the photographer.

To add an attachment within a wiki page (eg., a small picture for a wiki Contributor page or a pdf file) simply type this on the page while editing it:
Example: Attach:filename.ext
This makes the file available for download or shows the full-sized image.

If using the Attach: with a .pdf file, you may replace the name of the file with text by enclosing all in double brackets with a pipe symbol before the text:
Example: [[Attach:Iris_Summary.pdf|Iris Summary]] becomes Iris Summary

Announcing Your Addition to the PBS list

If you want the members of the PBS list to know about your contribution, send a message announcing what you've added. Provide a link to the specific wiki page where the image or the attachment has been added. Be sure you include the name of the plant you have illustrated so that group members will know where on the page to find your addition. If you have added an anchor to the name of the species you can append that to the url to direct people to the location in the page of your addition.

Example: http://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/index.php/GeissorhizaSpeciesThree#radians

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