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This page describes features recently added to the wiki.

Single species pages are documented here.

YouTube Videos
To have the video displayed as a player, it must written in the wiki page in the short format with no mark up.

Where the text after the final / is the video identifier.

The pmwiki APE extension is currently used for video display. It supports embedding other types of content and embedding videos in different ways to the above.

Photo tables
A photo table is like a normal wiki table except the text for each entry is accompanied by a thumbnail. For an example see Lilium Bulbs. The photo table is composed of the usual cell markup but where the normal text entries would be, there is instead a special version of the Mini command for inserting photos in wiki pages.

So instead of:
[[LiliumCandidumSection#albanicum | //Lilium albanicum//]]
which might have appeared in a table of the genus Lilium, there is:
Mini:Lilium_albanicum_bulb_PW.jpg"Lilium albanicum bulb, Pontus Wallstén"[[LiliumCandidumSection#albanicum | //albanicum//]]
this is composed of two parts, the Mini markup for a photo of the bulb:
Mini:Lilium_albanicum_bulb_PW.jpg"Lilium albanicum bulb, Pontus Wallstén"
followed by the link to go underneath it:
[[LiliumCandidumSection#albanicum | //albanicum//]]
which is the same as the link in the conventional table, except text fits better if the genus is omitted.

To put it another way, entries in photo tables consist of a picture and a text link. The markup for them simply consists of the markup for the picture, followed by the markup for a text link. In tables this combined object behaves like a text link and requires the same table markup to organise it.

For an example of a genus table being replaced by a photo table see Albuca. That table demonstrates how to handle species for which the wiki has no photos, using this markup:
(:cell:) Mini:Image_not_available.jpg[[AlbucaTwo#aurea |//aurea//]]
which references the already created JPEG called "Image_not_available".

Creating photo tables by hand is easy but tedious. So we have a tool:
this should be called with parameter 'page' set equal to the pages you want to scan for species entries; the parameter can contain wildcards *. Other parameters can be added to tell the program to ignore hybrids and to not produce markup. This is a typical use:*Crocus*

To ignore hybrids add 'nohybrids'. To produce no markup add 'nomarkup'. Paramters are concatenated using &. So you end up with things like:*&nohybrids&nomarkup
Normally single species pages are ignored, but they can be included by adding the parameter 'sspages'.

There is a page Photo Tables which consists of links to this tool, and produces pages of photo tables.

Automatically produced photo tables are not perfect because the software simply uses the first photograph it finds in the section for the species. It is possible to instruct the maketable program which photo to use; this is done by adding a wiki markup comment to the end of the Mini line for the desired photo. This is what it looks like:
Mini:Hippeastrum_tucumanum_DW2.jpg"Hippeastrum argentinum, Doug Westfall"(:comment markup-tag(icon):)
You can see the required comment at the end:
(:comment markup-tag(icon):)
Markup comments do not have any effect on the wiki page.

The plan for making a photo table is:

  • Run maketable setting the page parameter for the genus of interest
  • Go through the species adding markup-tag(icon) to select the most representative photos
  • Copy the markup generated by maketable into the place were the conventional table was
  • Finally tidy the markup by hand

The page Wiki Code gives access to some of the source code for the wiki.

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