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The Pacific Bulb Society sponsors two exchanges of bulbs (called the BX) and seeds (called the SX). Only current dues-paying members can get these bulbs and seeds. At times, the SX/BX may offer bulbs and seeds that should not stay in storage, and these will be sent as soon as possible after they are donated. The SX/BX mostly offers seeds and bulbs that can remain alive under proper storage conditions, and we send these several times during the year.

For PBS members living in the European Union countries, there is a separate seed and bulb exchange based in Europe, beginning September 2020. Different instructions apply to this Euro Exchange. For information on the EU Seed and Bulb Exchange, please contact Uli Urban at He can answer your questions in English, German, French or some Spanish and Portuguese. To see the instructions for the new EU Seed and Bulb Exchange, click here.

Members and friends of the group send seeds or bulbs (including corms, tubers, and rhizomes) that they wish to share with other members.

Offerings are announced to Members in posts on the PBS list. You can join the PBS list for no cost at this website, but you must be a Member to order from the exchanges.

Each offering follows a request for donations and is open for a 3 day window. Please be sure to read and follow the directions to ensure your request will be acknowledged. Rules to randomly distribute the supplies ensures everyone has a fair and equal chance to receive their preferred request.

The new EU Seed and Bulb Exchange (EU SX/BX) will have different dates for donating plant material and different dates for ordering from the US SX/BX. Please note that the US SX/BX continues unchanged. It’s very important to send your donations and orders to the correct exchange, so always reread your mail before sending.