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All: Please read this post in its entirety prior to ordering so we will have no confusion and your boxes can get out to you quickly.  It will make my job a bit easier.  This is a huge BX.
*This BX will be open for orders until Friday, June 14 at 9:00 p.m. PST*

Standard rules apply for this BX:

Kindly review the list below and email me with your request(s) at
I will send a simple acknowledgement of your email.  Should you not have a response from me within a day or so, please resend.

Be sure to include your full name and current address and PLEASE advise if you have moved recently so I may note.

Bulbs are $3 each.  Many of these are only one share and in short supply. Again: some of the donors have sent me only one share of some things.  I would like to temper expectations.

This will be a lottery (however, if you did not receive something you were especially keen on last round, kindly advise and I will try to assure some accommodation. Also, if there is something you really are looking to receive, it helps for me to know this as well.)

You must be current in your membership and you must be up-to-date on BX/SX charges. If you are uncertain, feel free to check with Jane McGary or Arnold Trachtenberg.


Orders should be paid upon receipt through the PBS website at:

Please be sure to reference the BX number above (496), this helps us with accounting.
You are still free to send payment via check if that is your preference.

No orders to anywhere but the US and (sometimes) Canada can be entertained at this point.  We cannot furnish the appropriate phyto docs to other countries.

Thank you as always to our current donors.  
Be advised that any and all mistakes on spelling are likely mine.  If donors see an issue with their listed item, please feel free to chime in.

1 Sauromatum giganteum           Amy Olmsted
2 Arisaema fargesii
3 Arisaema taiwanense

4 Ferraria crispa
Flower Colors: white, green, yellow, brown, patterned
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate
                        Judy Wong
5 Ixia   white flower w/ blackish red base

6 Oxalis callosa                          Mary Sue Ittner
7 Oxalis engleriana
8 Oxalis flava
(pink flowers)        
9 Oxalis hirta
10 Oxalis hirta
11 Oxalis hirta
12 Oxalis imbricata         
13 Oxalis livida  
14 Oxalis luteola
MV 5567           
15 Oxalis melanosticta 'Ken Aslet'            
16 Oxalis obtusa 'Peaches & Cream'        
17 Oxalis obtusa
18 Oxalis obtusa
19 Oxalis obtusa
20Oxalis pulchella var. tomentosa          
21 Oxalis purpurea 'Skar'             
22 Oxalis zeekoevleyensis            
23 Phaedranassasp. (grown from seed or offsets from Phaedranassa carmiolii (probably not that) or P. cinerea           
24 Tulipa'Daydream' (small bulblets)      

25 Achimenes admirabilis
Flower Colors: red, orange
Life form:  rhizome
Climate: summer rain climate
- plant NOW             Rimmer de Vries
26 Allium amethystinum
Flower Colors: purple
Flower Season: late spring to early summer
BX 252
27 Allium guttatum dalmaticum(purple) Montenegro, Petrovac 750m AH9114    
28 Alliumtall small drumstick mauve ex China    
29 Babaiana vanzijliae BX 447      
30 Babiana ambigua
ex Silver Hill 144567 BX 471              
31 Babiana ecklonii
BS 450          
32 Babiana framesii
BX 446         
33 Babiana melanops
BX 478-113            
34 Babiana patula
ex Silver Hill 14685 BX 478-117            
35 Babiana patersoniae
BX 478-116        
36 Babiana pulchra SX 11-311    
37 Babiana rubrocyanea
- Jeremy Spon  
38 Babiana rubrocyanea
BX 471
39 Babiana sambucina Jourbertiana ex SH 287 BC 471     
40 Babianasp. BX 429   
41 Babiana stricta           
42 Babiana stricta
43 Babiana tubulosa BX 471       
44 Babiana vanzijliae      
45 Babiana virginea
P Goldblatt type collection Roggeveld            
46 Babiana 'Jim's Choice' SX11-310         
47Babiana mucronata
ex Silver Hill 13799 BX 478-114    
48 Babiana pygmaea
ex Silverhill 284 ex Hort BX 478-118             
49 Barnardia japonica
/ aka Scilla scilloides           
50 Cyanella hyacinthoides
BX 252            
51 Cyanella lutea
- Bredasdorp   
52 Cyanella lutea
- Robertson     
53 Cyanella orchidiformis
BX 368             
54Cyanella orchidiformis
west coast RSA             
55 Cyanella cygnea         
56 Cyrtanthus inaequalis S of ladysmith Hannon offset   
57 Cyrtanthus labiatus offsets, BX444     
58 Drimia uniflora
aka Litanthus pusillus- plant now        
59 Eliokarmos salteri Narouwsbert (Drimiasalteri) - Terry Smale 700A    
60 Eustephia Darwinii - Cuzco, Peru- ex Telos, ex Charles Gorenstein        
61 Gloriosa modesta
BX 455-2   
62 Haemanthus albiflos

63 Haemanthus paucifolius Telos epiphyte           
64 Hippeastrum striatum 'Cianorte'        
65 Irid volunteer              
66 Ixia 'Baby Blue'          
67 Ixia flexuosa
68 Ixiahybrids BX 445   
69 Ixia paniculata            
70 Ixia rapunculoides
71 Ixia thomasiae
72 Ixia trifolia    
73 Ixia vinacea  
74 Ixiawhite magenta eye BX 445           
75 Lachenalia orchioides
pale yellow form           
76 Lachenalia bachmanii SX Feb 2014     
77 Lachenalia juncifolia 
78 Lachenalia latimerae
short pink plant
79 Lachenalia liliflora
BX 432      
80 Lachenaliamislabeled as stayeniae from Terry Smale
81  Lachenalia orthopetala          
82 Notholirion thomsonianum   
83 Ornithogalum 'Sun Star'         
84 Oxalis obtusa
hardy spring bloom pink             
85 Resnova macrophylla- wet packed     
86 Rhadamanthus aff. platyphyllusex BX 214     
87 Scilla madeirensis
from Longfield Garden 2014            
88Sinningia 'Spanish Skirts'        
89Sparaxis elegans
- orange SX11             
90 Sparaxis maculosa
91 Sparaxis metelekampiaeseed from BX 478-172         
92 Strumaria truncata   
93 Tritonia flabellifolia
BX 446   
94 Tritonia deusta
BX 446           
95 Tritonia gladiolaris
'cream' BX 478     
96 Tritonia pallida ssp. tayloriaeBX453 #6           
97 Urginea undulata var. tazensis KV seed 2017- 442 blooms in July- Aug, plant in hot sunny dryish location now        

98 Galanthus 'Blewberry Tart'               Anonymous Donor (PBS member)           
99 Galanthus 'Greenish'
100 Galanthus 'Cowhouse Green'      
101 Amorphophallus dunniiRP1                           Robert Parks
102 Amorphophallus dunniiRP2              
103 Amorphophallus henryi
Life form:  tuber
 Narrow Leaf             
104 Amorphophallus konjac
Flower Colors: black
Flower Season: mid spring
Special: edible storage organ
Life form:  tuber
105 Amorphophallus konjac
Flower Colors: black
Flower Season: mid spring
Special: edible storage organ
Life form:  tuber
106 Amorphophallus konjac Swallowtail
107 Amorphophallus myosuroides Green Leaf    
108 Amorphophallus myosuroides Silver Center 
109 Amorphophallus ongsakulii 
110Arum byzantinum    
111 Arum dioscoridis v. syriacum             
112 Biarumsp. (lost label)           
113 Colocasia x Pharaohs Mask 
114 Furcraea foetida 'Variegata'
115 Geissorhiza aspera 
116Gladiolus alatus       
117 Gladiolus carmineus              
118 Gladiolus maculatus              
119 Gladiolus pulcherrimus         
120 Haemanthus barkerae          
121 Ixia paniculata
122 Ixia polystachya Baby Blue  
123 Ixia rapunculoides   
124 Ixia X Spotlight          
125 Lachenalia ensifolia ssp. maughanii 
126 Lachenalia splendida             
127 Lachenalia trichophylla
128 Oxalis burkei             
129 Oxalis engleriana
130 Oxalis fabaefolia
131 Oxalis flabellifolia   
132 Oxalis flava
133 Oxalis flava
134 Oxalis flava
135 Oxalis flava v. pectinaria      
136 Oxalis hirta
137 Oxalis hirta
138 Oxalis luteola glauca             
139 Oxalis luteola
140 Oxalis massoniana  
141 Oxalis melanosticta

142 Oxalis melanosticta Ken Aslet            
143 Oxalis namaquana RP1         
144 Oxalis namaquana RP2         
145 Oxalis oreithala       
146 Oxalis palmifrons
147 Oxalis pardalis
MV 7632       
148 Oxalis pocockiae
149 Oxalis polyphylla     
150 Oxalis purpurea
(common lavender)               
151 Oxalis purpurea
152 Oxalis purpurea
153 Oxalis sp. Oudtshoorn           
154 Oxalis versicolor
155 OxalisX Golden Cape            
156 Sauromatum giganteum
157 Sauromatum venosum
Green Stem 
158 Sauromatum venosum Indian Giant 
159 Strumaria discifera
160  Typhonium roxburghii         
161 Ullucus tuberosus Long Pink              
162 Ullucus tuberosus Moclips  

163 Hermodactylus tuberosa (Iris tuberosa)          James Shao
164 Ferraria crispa v. nortieri      
165 Oxalis glabra
dark pink ex Telos
166 Ferraria crispa          dark, ex Telos
167 Ferraria crispa           ex Telos
168 Pterostylis curta 'Keun Hee'

(Key: Silverhill number, locality and year sown)       James Heinrich
169 Gladiolus uysiae
Flower Colors: brown, patterned
Climate: winter rain climate
       Silverhill #3879 (Nieuwoudtville); 2012     
170 Sparaxis elegans       Silverhill 2332 (ex hort); 2012
171 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp acutiloba     Silverhill #2334 (Citrusdal); 2012
172 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp fimbriata     Silverhill 2335 (ex. hort); 2012
173 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp grandiflora  Silverhill 2336 (ex. Hort); 2012
174 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp violacea       Silverhill #2337 (ex.hort.); 2012
175 Sparaxis metelekampiae      Silverhill 5487 (Nieuwoudtville); 2012
176 Sparaxis tricolor
       Silverhill 2339 (Nieuwoudtville); 2012

177 Ipheion uniflorum                     Denis Kearns

178 Lycoris radiata
                           Dorothy Dron Smith

179 Galanthus elwesii                       A. Trachtenberg
      unnamed seedlings, variety of different markings, garden grown