Chiloterus is a genus in the Orchidaceae family split from Prasophyllum by Jones and Clement in 2004. This genus is not accepted by all authorities. It consists of two species endemic to southwestern Western Australia commonly known as 'Pouched Leek Orchids.' For now we will have descriptions and photos listed on both wiki pages.

Chiloterus cucullatus syn. Prasophyllum cucullatum or the Hooded Leek Orchid is found on rocky or sandy soils in southwestern Western Australia. This species is smaller than Prasophyllum gibbosum with a spike of small white and brown sweetly scented flowers 0.05–0.2 m high. The lateral sepals form a hood in front of the lip. Photos taken September 2007 adjacent to a rock outcrop in southwestern Western Australia by Bob Rutemoeller and Mary Sue Ittner. We think this is this species.

Chiloterus cucullatus,  Bob RutemoellerChiloterus cucullatus, Mary Sue IttnerChiloterus cucullatus, Mary Sue Ittner

Chiloterus gibbosus syn. Prasophyllum gibbosum grows in peaty sand and swamps in southern Western Australia and blooms from October to January. It has small white flowers with purple markings in a dense spike 0.05–0.35 m high.

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