Gladiolus crispulatus

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: pink
Climate: winter rain climate

Gladiolus crispulatus L. Bolus is a rare endemic that is found in the Southwestern Cape on south facing slopes between Swellendam and Riversdale. Growing to 30-40 cm, it has four or five superposed leaves, with the midribs lightly thickened and usually paired on one side and single on the other, and deep pink flowers with triangular median streaks and dark spots in the throat. It is similar to Gladiolus oreocharis but has larger flowers and different leaves and to Gladiolus carneus which also has different leaves and tepal markings. If flowers November-December, but usually only in the first several years after a fire so is rarely seen. The first photograph from Rachel Saunders was taken close to the top of the Langeberg Mountains. The next photos from iNaturalist were taken by Brian du Preez in November in the Western Cape and lennartn in November near Swellendam and shared under CC BY-SA and CC BY-NC licenses.

Gladiolus crispulatus, Rachel SaundersGladiolus crispulatus, Brian du Preez, iNaturalist, CC BY-SAGladiolus crispulatus, lennartn, iNaturalist, CC BY-NCGladiolus crispulatus, lennartn, iNaturalist, CC BY-NCGladiolus crispulatus, lennartn, iNaturalist, CC BY-NC

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