Hypoxidaceae is a family of about 7 to 9 genera and 100 to 220 species in order Asparagales. These genera are found in warm temperate to tropical regions of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, mainly in the Southern Hemisphere. The star grass or star lily family has deciduous and sometime evergreen terrestrial and occasionally aquatic perennials. The rootstock is a corm or rhizome. Leaves are basal and three-ranked. Flowers are yellow, orange, pink or white with 4-6 tepals, free or united into a tube. There are usually six stamens, sometimes less, and an inferior three or one chambered ovary. The fruit is a capsule with subglobose to j-shaped black or brown seeds. Cameron McMaster wrote about the South African members of this family in an article he wrote for Farmer's Weekly in 2008. Some of the names have been changed since then.

Genera with wiki pages are Empodium, Hypoxis, Pauridia, Rhodohypoxis, Saniella, and Spiloxene

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