Spiloxene is a genus in the Hypoxidaceae family that was once included in Hypoxis. In 2013 in an article entitled The genus Pauridia (Hypoxidaceae) amplified to include Hypoxis sect. Ianthe, Saniella and Spiloxene, with revised nomenclature and typification written by Deirdre A. Snijman and Alexander Kocyan Pauridia was expanded to include Saniella and Spiloxene as well as the Australian, Tasmanian and New Zealand Hypoxis sect. Ianthe. An important reference is Deirdre Snijman's taxonomic revision of the genus Pauridia (Hypoxidaceae) in southern Africa written in 2014. The species formerly included in Spiloxene were mostly native to the winter rainfall area of South Africa with flowering occurring in the spring with an annually replaced corm for a rootstock and mostly gold to yellow, but also white, rarely pink star shaped flowers. Many of the species favored moist places. Flowers of sun-loving species closed at night and didn't often open before noon and then on only warm sunny days.

Spiloxene alba (Thunb.) Fourc. see Pauridia alba (Thunb.) Snijman & Kocyanis

Spiloxene aquatica (L.f.) Fourc. see Pauridia aquatica (L.f.) Snijman & Kocyan

Spiloxene canaliculata Garside see Pauridia canaliculata (Garside) Snijman & Kocyanis

Spiloxene capensis (L.) Garside see Pauridia capensis (L.) Snijman & Kocyan

Spiloxene curculigoides (Bolus) Garside see Pauridia curculigoides (Bolus) Snijman & Kocyan

Spiloxene flaccida (Nel) Garside see Pauridia flaccida (Nel) Snijman & Kocyan.

Spiloxene linearis (Andrews) Garside see Pauridia linearis (Andrews) Snijman & Kocyan

Spiloxene monophylla (Schltr. ex Baker) Garside see Pauridia monophylla (Schltr. ex Baker) Snijman & Kocyan

Spiloxene ovata (L.f.) Garside see Pauridia ovata (L.f.) Snijman & Kocyan

Spiloxene scullyi (Baker) Garside see Pauridia scullyi (Baker) Snijman & Kocyan

Spiloxene serrata (Thunb.) Garside see Pauridia serrata (Thunb.) Snijman & Kocyan

Spiloxene trifurcillata (Nel) Fourc. see Pauridia trifurcillata (Nel) Snijman & Kocyan

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