Saniella is an African genus in the Hypoxidaceae family with two species. It is related to Spiloxene and Pauridia. It is named after the top of the Sani Pass in South Africa.

Saniella occidentalis(Nel) B.L.Burtt, syn. Empodium occidentale, is found in damp depressions in heavy soils at high altitudes in the mountains near Calvinia, Sutherland, and Ceres, South Africa. The photos below were taken by Cameron McMaster near Middelpos in the Roggeveld.

Saniella occidentalis, Middelpos, Cameron McMasterSaniella occidentalis, Middelpos, Cameron McMaster

Saniella verna Hilliard & B.L.Burtt is a dwarf species (up to 8 cm) often found in large colonies in short wet turf above 2700 m in the Drakensberg mountain areas of Lesotho and the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It has fleshy, deeply channelled leaves and solitary white flowers flushed yellow inside and blooms in November. It has an underground ovary. Photo courtesy of Robert Krejzl.

Saniella verna, Robert Krejzl

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