Saniella is an African genus in the Hypoxidaceae family with two species. It was named after the top of the Sani Pass in South Africa. Saniella was distinguished from Spiloxene on the presence of an ovary beak and a bowl-shaped perigone tube. In 2013 in an article entitled The genus Pauridia (Hypoxidaceae) amplified to include Hypoxis sect. Ianthe, Saniella and Spiloxene, with revised nomenclature and typification written by Deirdre A. Snijman and Alexander Kocyan Pauridia was expanded to include Saniella and Spiloxene as well as the Australian, Tasmanian and New Zealand Hypoxis sect. Ianthe.

Saniella occidentalis(Nel) B.L.Burtt see Pauridia alticola Snijman & Kocyan

Saniella verna Hilliard & B.L.Burtt see Pauridia verna (Hilliard & B.L.Burtt) Snijman & Kocyan

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