On this page will be information about some of the insects that cause havoc to geophytes.

These first two pictures show a CMR beetle, which stands for Cape Mounted Rifles (a group that had uniforms with black and yellow bands) or Mylabris oculata eating this Gladiolus rogersii in the wild and what was left of another flower. Photos by Mary Sue Ittner. This is a serious pest for crops and garden flowers. The third photo by Cameron McMaster shows an Amaryllis caterpillar making a meal out of an Eriospermum leaf. It is not the same as the dreaded lily borer, Brithys crini, although it appears to be in the same family, if not genus.

Gladiolus rogersii with CMR Beetle, Mary Sue Ittnerdamaged Gladiolus rogersii, Mary Sue IttnerAmaryllis caterpillar on Eriospermum, Cameron McMaster

Aphids sap sucking insects.

Fungus Gnats little black flies and silvery worms.

Iris Leaf Miners gives photos and information on flies that tunnel through iris leaves.

Lily beetle red devils.

Mealy Bugs is a link to the page that tells about mealy bugs and how to treat them.

Narcissus Bulb Fly shows pictures of the larva of this pest as well as telling about it.

Solomons Seal Sawfly is a page about this pest.

Spodoptera Picta is a voracious Crinum eating caterpillar in Australia.

Thrips is a link to the page that gives information about thrips.

Vine Weevil heart breaker for gardeners.

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