Jonathan Hutchinson

I enjoy growing a whole range of bulbous plants, Cacti, Succulents, terrestrial orchids and other things that are crammed in to my always too small greenhouse in North Devon, Uk.

Things that are of particular interest are plants within the families Amaryllidaceae and Hyacinthaceae. I hold National Collections of Scadoxus, Veltheimia and Urginea/Drimia through the NCCPG (National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens.)

Plants that I have become interested in more recently are Canarina and Dipcadi.

I work at the RHS Royal Horticultural Society's Garden Rosemoor just outside Torrington in North Devon where a whole range of plants are grown. most of which are capable of coping with the wet cold Devon climate but some are grown in pots or lifted for winter protection.

There is always something new out there to be grown and experienced and shared in a world that is losing its natural recourses at an appauling rate. I think it is a wonderful thing if only in a small part, to be able to share and enjoy the diversity of plant life around us.

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