Narcissus Division Nine

This page contains pictures and information about Narcissus classified under Division 9: Poeticus Daffodils. Narcissus in this division have obvious characteristics inherited from N. poeticus in their ancestry. The flowers, one to a stem, have pure white perianth segments (petals), a disc-shaped, red-rimmed, yellow corona (cup), and a spicy fragrance.

Narcissus 'Actaea' is a late to mid-season bloomer. First photo taken April 2008 by Jay Yourch, second by David Pilling.

Narcissus 'Actaea', Jay YourchNarcissus'Actaea', David Pilling

Narcissus 'Angel Eyes' is a late bloomer. Photo taken April 2008 by Jay Yourch.

Narcissus 'Angel Eyes', Jay Yourch

Narcissus 'Felindre' is a late blooming poeticus. Photos taken April 2007 by Jay Yourch.

Narcissus 'Felindre', Jay YourchNarcissus 'Felindre' Profile, Jay Yourch

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