Neopatersonia is a former genus with three species in the Hyacinthaceae family, all native to Southern Africa.

J. Manning, P. Goldblatt & M.F. Fay in a "A revised generic synopsis of Hyacinthaceae in sub-Saharan Africa, including new combinations and the new tribe Pseudoprospereae", Edinburgh Journal of Botany 60(3): 533-568 (2004) the authors propose sinking this genus along with Albuca, Dipcadi, Galtonia, and Pseudogaltonia into Ornithogalum. Further work by researchers at SANBI, the Missouri Botanical Garden and Kew did not support all of these changes and Albuca, Dipcadi, and Pseudogaltonia were reinstated.

In a "A molecular phylogeny and a revised classification of Ornithogaloideae(Hyacinthaceae) based on an analysis of four plastid DNA regions" written by John C. Manning, Félix Forest, Dion S. Devey, Michael F. Fay & Peter Goldblatt in TAXON 58 (1), February 2009: 1-107, this subject was again addressed. Three clades were identified. Clade A is recognized as the genus Albuca. Clade B comprises the genera Dipcadi and Pseudogaltonia. Clade C is the genus Ornithogalum and includes Galtonia and Neopatersonia.

Two of the species previously included in Neopatersonia are found in Namaqualand and Namibia and the third in the Cape province extending from the Little Karoo to Port Elizabeth. Flowers are pale whitish green and unpleasantly scented.

Ornithogalum neopatersonia J.C.Manning & Goldblatt, syn. Neopatersonia uitenhagensis Schönland

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