Roggeveld Five

Plants photographed in the Roggeveld from P-Z, Pauridia species to Xenoscapa species are pictured below. More information about each species can be found on the appropriate genus page.

Pauridia alticola, syn. Saniella occidentalis, syn. Empodium occidentale, is found in damp depressions in heavy soils at high altitudes in the mountains near Calvinia, Sutherland, and Ceres. The photos below were taken by Cameron McMaster near Middelpos September 2011.

Pauridia alticola, Middelpos, Cameron McMasterPauridia alticola, Middelpos, Cameron McMaster

Pauridia capensis, syn. Spiloxene capensis, is found in seasonally wet flats in a broad distribution from the western Karoo to the Cape Peninsula and Little Karoo. Photo taken September 2011 by Cameron McMaster.

Pauridia capensis, Middelpos, Cameron McMaster

Pauridia serrata, syn. Spiloxene serrata, grows in sand or heavy clay, usually in seasonally damp places. Photograph from Cameron McMaster.

Pauridia serrata, Sutherland, Cameron McMaster

Romulea atrandra has a wide distribution from the Western Cape to the Southeastern Cape and grows in clay soils. Photo by Cameron McMaster of this species growing at the Rooiwal Pass in the Roggeveld area of South Africa.

Romulea atrandra, Cameron McMaster

Romulea austinii is found on damp stony flats in the western and south Karoo. Photos taken between Matjiesfontein and Sutherland by Bob Rutemoeller and Mary Sue Ittner of what they believe to be this species.

Romulea austinii, Bob RutemoellerRomulea austinii, Mary Sue Ittner

Romulea diversiformis grows in moist or waterlogged dolerite and clay in the winter rainfall area of South Africa. Photos taken in habitat in the Komsberg by Cameron McMaster and one from Mary Sue Ittner taken September 2006 showing them flowering in mass.

Romulea diversiformis, Cameron McMasterRomulea diversiformis, Cameron McMaster Romulea diversiformis, Mary Sue Ittner

Romulea hantamensis grows on damp doleritic flats in the Hantamsberg. Photos below were taken by Rachel Saunders September 2014 on an IBSA trip to the Hantamsberg. There was considerable variation in color in the flowers in the population they saw.

Romulea hantamensis, Rachel SaundersRomulea hantamensis, Rachel SaundersRomulea hantamensis, Rachel Saunders

Romulea hirta is found on damp dolerite and clay flats from Calvinia to Sutherland and in the Clanwilliam mountains on stony ground. Photographed near Middelpos September 2006 by Mary Sue Ittner.

Romulea hirta, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea hirta, Mary Sue Ittner

Romulea komsbergensis is found on damp loamy flats. The first photo was taken in habitat in the Komsberg by Cameron McMaster. The next three photos by Bob Rutemoeller were taken September 2006 in a wet place near Middelpos in a wet year. The last was taken by Mary Sue Ittner

Romulea komsbergensis, Cameron McMasterRomulea komsbergensis, Bob RutemoellerRomulea komsbergensis, Bob RutemoellerRomulea komsbergensis, Bob RutemoellerRomulea komsbergensis, Bob RutemoellerRomulea komsbergensis, Mary Sue Ittner

Two more photos courtesy of Alan Horstmann with different styles.

Romulea komsbergensis, Alan HorstmannRomulea komsbergensis, Alan Horstmann

Romulea luteoflora is found on loamy soils from a wide inland range: Kamiesberg, Namaqualand, and from Calvinia to Clanwilliam, Ceres and Worcester, Riversdale, and Lesotho. Photos taken 2011 by Cameron McMaster.

Romulea luteoflora, Middelpos, Cameron McMasterRomulea luteoflora, Middelpos, Cameron McMaster

Romulea monadelpha grows in damp doleritic clays flats and outcrops. Photos 1-3 taken in habitat near Middelpos by Bob Rutemoeller and Mary Sue Ittner September 2006. The last photo was taken September 2011 by Cameron McMaster.

Romulea monadelpha, Bob RutemoellerRomulea monadelpha, Bob RutemoellerRomulea monadelpha, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea monadelpha, Cameron McMaster

Romulea subfistulosa grows on dolerite flats from Calvinia to the Roggeveld Escarpment. The first two photos were taken in habitat by Cameron McMaster. The next three were taken September 2006 by Bob Rutemoeller and the last by Mary Sue Ittner

Romulea subfistulosa, Cameron McMasterRomulea subfistulosa, Cameron McMasterRomulea subfistulosa, Bob RutemoellerRomulea subfistulosa, Bob RutemoellerRomulea subfistulosa with Androcymbium latifolium, Bob RutemoellerRomulea subfistulosa, Mary Sue Ittner

Romulea syringodeoflora is found on shale flats and slopes. The photo was taken by Alan Horstmann near Middelpos.

Romulea syringodeoflora, Middelpos, Alan Horstmann

Romulea tetragona is found in clay soils in dry areas of the winter rainfall Cape. Photos taken by Mary Sue Ittner near Middelpos September 2006.

Romulea tetragona, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea tetragona, Mary Sue Ittner

Romulea tortuosa grows in sandstone and clay soils in the inland districts of the Southwestern Cape and the western Karoo. The first and second photos from Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller were taken in the Komsberg and the third from Mary Sue Ittner near Middelpos. The last photo was taken by Cameron McMaster September 2011 on the Sutherland Road.

Romulea tortuosa, Komsberg, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea tortuosa, Komsberg, Bob RutemoellerRomulea tortuosa, Middelpos, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea tortuosa, Cameron McMaster

Romulea unifolia grows on dolerite flats. The three photos were taken by Cameron McMaster. The third and fourth by Bob Rutemoeller are a close up with a pollinator and the back. The last from Mary Sue Ittner shows it flowering in habitat in September 2006 near Middelpos.

Romulea unifolia, Cameron McMasterRomulea unifolia, Cameron McMasterRomulea unifolia, Cameron McMasterRomulea unifolia, Bob RutemoellerRomulea unifolia, Bob RutemoellerRomulea unifolia, Mary Sue Ittner

Tritonia karooica grows on dry stony clay flats in the Roggeveld and the Karoo. Photographs taken early morning September 2006 near Middelpos by Bob Rutemoeller and Mary Sue Ittner.

Tritonia karooica, Bob RutemoellerTritonia karooica, Mary Sue Ittner

Veltheimia capensis is found on rocky slopes from Namaqualand to the southwestern and southern Cape into the Little Karoo. Photo taken September 2011 by Cameron McMaster.

Veltheimia capensis, Cameron McMaster

Wurmbea spicata is found on mostly clay and granite slopes in renosterveld in many areas of the Cape Province, South Africa (winter rainfall). Photos were taken by Andrew Harvie.

Wurmbea spicata, Roggeveld Mountains, Andrew HarvieWurmbea spicata, Roggeveld Mountains, Andrew Harvie

Wurmbea variabilis is found on sandy flats in the Western Cape, Western Karoo and the Eastern Cape. Photographed by Bob Rutemoeller near Middelpos September 2006 and by Cameron McMaster in the Komsberg.

Wurmbea variabilis, Middelpos, Bob RutemoellerWurmbea variabilis, Komsberg, Cameron McMaster

Xenoscapa fistulosa, syn. Anomatheca fistulosa, is widespread, extending from southern Namibia and Namaqualand through the western Karoo into the Little Karoo. Photos taken by Cameron McMaster in 2011 near Middelpos.

Xenoscapa fistulosa, Middelpos, Cameron McMasterXenoscapa fistulosa, Middelpos, Cameron McMaster

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