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This page lists alphabetically genera or species from Co-Cy recommended for growing in shade by members of the PBS list, sometimes with comments, followed by the name and the location of the person who suggested them, usually from experience growing them. There are links for more information and if we have photos of these plants on the wiki, we have included a few photos to illustrate them on this page.

Codonopsis is a genus that prefers partial or mottled shade.

Codonopsis ussuriensis, Dave BrastowCodonopsis vinciflora, Dave Brastow

Colocasia esculata was suggested by Matthew Gale from Birmingham, United Kingdom to give a jungle feel to a garden. He used tubers from a local Chinese supermarket and found them hardier than expected. In Las Cruces, New Mexico, zone 7 and arid, this species was one of Boyce Tankersley’s favorites.

Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum 'Illustris', Jay Yourch

Convallaria majalis is often found in lists of bulbs that can be grown in the shade. It was recommended by someone who has grown it in partial shade in Iowa and Michigan and currently grows it Northern California. He reports that potted plants are easily forced into flower after vernalization at 0 to 2 °C for 12 to 14 weeks.

Convallaria majalis, Jay Yourch

Cornukaempferia is a rhizomatous genus in the Zingiberaceae family recommended by Tim Chapman, south Louisiana. Boyce Tankersley recommended this family from his time spent in the cloud forests of southern Costa Rica.

Cornukaempferia 'Jungle Gold', Jay Yourch

Corydalis nobilis is a lovely, statuesque tuberous corydalis with glaucous foliage and 2-3" heads of yellow flowers with a mahogany tip. Each head has about 10-25 flowers that are a little over an inch long. Comments from Ernie O’Byrne, Eugene Oregon.

Corydalis nobilis, John LonsdaleCorydalis nobilis, John Lonsdale

Crinum moorei was a favorite of Patty Colville and Ann, Southern California, and was suggested by Jim Shields for greenhouses in colder climates. Crinum plants with white flowers that grow in deep shade similar to this species were a favorite of Boyce Tankersley when he was gardening in the cloud forests of Costa Rica.

Closeup  Crinum moorei 'Alba', David FenwickCrinum moorei in flower at an old church in Plymouth, Devon, David Fenwick

Crocosmia aurea recommended by Rhoda McMaster is deciduous in winter, but not for long, and has yellow-orange flowers in late summer.

Crocosmia aurea, Cameron McMasterCrocosmia aurea, Ellen Hornig

Crocosmia hybrids with warmer, orange colored flowers were recommended by Matthew Gale, Birmingham, UK.

Crocosmia unknown cultivar, David PillingCrocosmia unknown cultivar, David Pilling

Crocus tommasinianus was a favorite of Boyce Tankersley when he lived in St. Louis, Missouri, zone 6.

Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant', Jay YourchCrocus tommasinianus, Barr's Purple, David Pilling

Cyclamen is a popular choice. It was mentioned by Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California, Patty Colville, Southern California, and Rodger Whitlock, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and Jane McGary, Oregon.

Cyclamen coum is good for Mediterranean climate gardeners and can be tried in sheltered areas in colder climates or areas with reliable snow cover. Comments from Jane McGary, Oregon and John Lonsdale, Pennsylvania.

Cyclamen coum, Mary Sue IttnerCyclamen coum, John Lonsdale

Cyclamen hederifolium is also good in Mediterranean climate garderns and colder areas with protection. It was mentioned as a favorite of Jamie Vande, Germany, who appreciated the variation in shape and color of the leaves and Boyce Tankersley from a time he spent in Scotland. Roland from France also recommended this species.

Cyclamen hederifolium, Arnold TrachtenbergCyclamen hederifolium forma albiflorum patterned leaves September 2009, Giorgio PozziCyclamen hederifolium leaf variations, Roland and Gemma

Cyclamen purpurascens is one of the hardiest and nearly evergreen.

Cyclamen purpurascens:l, Giorgio PozziCyclamen purpurascens, John Lonsdale

Cyclamen repandum is another one that grows well in the shade.

Cyclamen repandum, Mary Sue IttnerCyclamen repandum ssp. peloponnesiacum, Mary Sue IttnerCyclamen repandum ssp. peloponnesiacum, Antigoni Rentzeperis

Cyrtanthus mackenii was recommended by Rhoda McMaster from South Africa. Flowers are in various shades from white to pink, orange and reddish. It flowers winter to spring and at odd times.

Cyrtanthus mackenii, Mary Sue IttnerCyrtanthus mackenii, Cameron McMaster

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