BX2023 491 CLOSED

Started by Bwosczyna, June 24, 2023, 07:08:36 PM

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All: Please read this post/email in its *entirety *prior to ordering so we will have no confusion for ordering and your boxes can get out to you much more quickly.  It will make my job a little easier. Please.

*This BX will be open for orders until Thursday, June 29, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. PST*

Standard rules apply for this BX:

Kindly review the list below and email me with your request(s) to bulbexpbs@gmail.com.
I will send a simple acknowledgement of your email.  Should you not have a response from me within a day, please resend.

Be sure to include your full name and current address.

Bulbs are $3 each.  Some of these are only one share and in short supply.

This will be a lottery (however, if you did not receive something last round, kindly advise and I will try to assure some accommodation. Also, if there is something you really are looking to receive, it helps for me to know this as well.)

You must be current in your membership and you must be up-to-date on BX/SX charges. If you are uncertain, feel free to check with Jane McGary or Arnold Trachtenberg.


Orders must be paid for through the PBS website at:

Please be sure to reference the BX number above.
You are still free to send payment via check if that is your preference.

No orders to anywhere but the US and (sometimes) Canada can be entertained at this point.  We cannot furnish the appropriate phyto docs to other countries.

Thank you as always to our current donors.  Be advised that any and all mistakes on spelling are likely mine.  If donors see an issue with their listed item, please feel free to chime in.

Additionally, I expect a couple additions to this list as I am waiting on a list from another donor I hope to receive prior to sending our allocated bulbs. 

1             Albuca spiralis
(small bulbs)                                                      Chad Cox
2             Albuca namaquensis
Flower Colors: yellow
                                                                Mary Sue Ittner
3             Cyrtanthus elatus
x montanus     
4             Gloxinella lindeniana
5             Oxalis engleriana
6             Oxalis hirta
7             Oxalis hirta
8             Oxalis hirta
9             Oxalis livida
10           Oxalis luteola
MV 5567 
11           Oxalis luteola
MV 6395 
12           Oxalis melanosticta
'Ken Aslet'   
13          Oxalis obtusa
MV 5005a               
14           Oxalis obtusa
15           Oxalis obtusa
16           Oxalis obtusa
17           Oxalis obtusa
Peaches & Cream 
18          Oxalis obtusa
19           Oxalis pardalis
20           Oxalis purpurea
21           Oxalis purpurea
'Lavender & White'         
22           Tulipa clusiana
23           Tulipa clusiana
var. chrysantha   
24           Tulipa Darwin hybrids (mixed colors)       
25           Tulipa linifolia
26           Tulipa linifolia
(syn. Tulipa batalinii - yellow flowers)         
27           Tulipa orphanidea
28           TulipaRed Cup 
29           Allium    sp. China tall small mauves drumstick      Rimmer de Vries
30           Bernardia japonica/ Scillascillioides
31           Freesia laxa albomaculata (white and pink)
32           Geissorhiza         aspera and heterostyly volunteers
33           Habranthus         tubispathus
34           Haemanthus       albiflos
35           Haemanthus       albiflos
36           Haemanthus deformis

37          Hippeastrum  papilio
38          Melasphaerula graminea

39           Ornithogalum hispidulum
40           Oxalis    sp.
41           Pelargoniam ochroleucum (sec.Hoerea)
42           Pelargonium barkleyi (nice leaves)
43          Phaedranassa dubia

44           Sinningia  tubiflora - garden dug in Nov 2022 and May 2023
45           unknown vol.     Polyxena, massonia, etc
46           Narcissus             hyb. 'White Lady' from R.A. Scamp
47           Pamianthe peruviana

48           Resnova megaphylla

49           Scilla madeirensis

50           Sinningia  micans x bullata seedling- (first gen. hybrid?)
51           Tritonia gladiolaris
'orange' ex Jim Duggan
52           Crinum virable                                                                              Mike Lowitz
53           Eucrosia variabile             
54          Nerine bowdenii
55           Amorphophallus pseudoharmandii 'Hot Legs'     
56           Hippeastrum papilio
    small seedling bulbs                          Robert Lauf
57           Drimiopsis maculata
58          Ledebouria  socialis    normal form, clone 1         
59           Ledebouria socialis
   normal form, clone 2 ex. Janet Dowlen         
60           Ledebouria socialis
    'Miner'   a slender form ex. HBG     
61           Ledebouria socialis
   'Paucifolia'  all green           
62           Freesia laxa
ssp laxa                                                                    Judy Wong
63           Lachenalia mutabilis
64           Ixia, white with deep red black center     
65           Babiana pygmaea
(rare now in wild in South Africa)         
66           Cyrtanthus falcatus                                                                    Fred Bisella
67          Arum byzantinum             ex Illahe                                             Robert Parks
68           Arum concinnatum
69          Arum concinnatum
70           Arum concinnatum 'Suspeck'      ex Plant Delights
71           Arum dioscoridis
v. syriacum RP1             
72           Arum dioscoridis
v. syriacum RP2             
73           Arum hygrophyllum         
74           ArumX diotalicum 'Jet Black Wonder'      ex Plant Delights
75           Biarum tenuifolium
v. abbreviatum           ex Illahe
76           Crocus sativus
   ex EasyToGrow
77           Dioscorea elephantipes

78           Gladiolus carmineus
Flower Colors: pink
Climate: winter rain climate
        ex BX478/Judy Wong
79           Gladiolus equitans
Flower Colors: red, orange
Climate: winter rain climate
           ex Dhannon
80           Gonatopus angustus       
81          Ixia maculata
82          Ixia polystachya
'Baby Blue'         
83           Lachenalia quadricolor
84           Lachenalia quadricolor 'Namaqua'           ex Judy Wong/PBS
85          Oxalis flava
(lavender form)         ex Telos
86           Oxalis flava
RP1 ex BX470/MIttner
87          Oxalis flava
v. pectinaria               ex Telos
88           Oxalis glabra
      ex Telos
89           Oxalis hirta
RP1 ex Mittner/PBS
90           Oxalis hirta
91           Oxalis imbricata
ex BX476/Mittner
92           Oxalis massoniana           ex Telos
93          Oxalis melanosticta 'Ken Aslet'   
94           Oxalis morelosii
ex DHannon
95           Oxalis namaquana
RP1   probably same as RP2
96           Oxalis namaquana
RP2   probably same as RP1
97           Oxalis pardalis
MV7632  ex BX482/Mittner
98           Oxalis polyphylla
99           Oxalis polyphylla
v. heptaphylla  ex DHannon
100        Oxalis purpurea
'Rose Pink'         
101       Oxalis purpurea 'Skar'    ex BX467/Mittner
102        Oxalissp. (aff. flava)       
103       Oxalis tenuifolia
104        Oxalis versicolor
105        OxalisX 'Golden Cape'   
106        Oxalis zeekoevleyensis
    ex BX474/Mittner
107        Sinningia tubiflora         ex Telos
108        Sauromatum gianteum                                                               Amy Olmsted
109        Arisaema fargesii