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All: Please read this post/email in its entirety prior to ordering so we will have no confusion for ordering and your boxes can get out to you quickly.  It will make my job a little easier.

*This BX will be open for orders until Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. PST*

Standard rules apply for this BX:

Kindly review the list below and email me with your request(s) at
I will send a simple acknowledgement of your email.  Should you not have a response from me within a day, please resend.

Be sure to include your full name and current address.

Bulbs are $3 each.  Some of these are only one share and in short supply.

This will be a lottery (however, if you did not receive something last round, kindly advise and I will try to assure some accommodation. Also, if there is something you really are looking to receive, it helps for me to know this as well.)

You must be current in your membership and you must be up-to-date on BX/SX charges. If you are uncertain, feel free to check with Jane McGary or Arnold Trachtenberg.


Orders should be paid upon receipt through the PBS website at:

Please be sure to reference the BX number above, this helps us with accounting.
You are still free to send payment via check if that is your preference.

No orders to anywhere but the US and (sometimes) Canada can be entertained at this point.  We cannot furnish the appropriate phyto docs to other countries.

Thank you as always to our current donors.  Be advised that any and all mistakes on spelling are likely mine.  If donors see an issue with their listed item, please feel free to chime in.

Rimmer de Vries

1 Alliumamethystinum ex BX 252
2 Hippeastrum  species- lost tag
3 Hippeastrum  striatum 'saltao' offsets from Brazil Plants seedlings
4 Sinningia          'Esther' cuttings
5 Sinningia          'Esther' OP seedlings
6 Sinningia          ('Wildfire' X S. globulosa) X self - Brazil plants  cuttings started 11//20/2022
7 Sinningia          bullata  1 yr old cuttings
8 Sinningia          leucotricha x S. piresiana 18 month seedlings st 5/18/2022
9 Sinningia          reitzii -magenta form 6 month cuttings started 5/19/2023
Mike Lowitz
10 Ferraria divaricata
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: yellow, green
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate

11 Ferraria Schaeferi    
12 Cyanella orchidiformis

Dorothy Dron Smith
13 Amaryllis papilio       
14 Zephyranthes              yellow, likely aurea
Mary Sue Ittner
15 Brodiaea californica 
16 Brodiaea pallida

17 Ferraria crispa
Flower Colors: white, green, yellow, brown, patterned
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate

18.  Geissorhizaspp. (inaequalis, heterostyla)       
19 Narcissusspp. (probably bulbocodium, cantabricus, jonquilla or romieuxii)       
20 Oxalis obtusa

21 Tritonia crocata

22 Tritonia flabellifolia

23  Unidentified mixed multiple sized bulbs (winter growing, probably a lot of California native and South African species)             
Gastil Buhl
24 Boophone haemanthoides

25 Dichelostemma capitata 'Santa Cruz Giant' - now Dipterostemon capitatus       
26Dichelostemma capitata (ordinary) - now Dipterostemon capitatus     
27 Freesia laxa 'azurea' 
28 Moraea polyanthos  
29 Scilla vincentii - most likely actually Hyacinthoides mauritanica ssp. vincentina
Charles and Dee Foster
30 Babiana ecklonii      
31 Babiana 'Jim's Choice'            (Jim Duggan)
32 Dichelostemma capitatum
      (Bx 447)

33 Dichelostemma ida-maia

34 Ferraria crispa
Flower Colors: white, green, yellow, brown, patterned
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate

35 Misc ferraria
36 0Ixia 'Giant' 
37 Ixia 'Venus'  
38 Lachenalia rosea
      ex Telos

39 Lachenalia aloides v. vanzyliae             ex Telos
40 Lachenalia viridiflora
            ex R de Vries

41 Moraea villosa
(various colors)              ex Mike Mace seed

42 Onixotis triquetra      ex Jim Duggan
43 Spiloxene capensis
    ex Jim Duggan

44 Veltheimia bracteata

45 Leucocoryne vitatta  ex Telos
Ernie DeMarie
46 Oxalis purpurascens  NYBG  ex EDMarie
47 Babiana villosa          
48 Oxalis anomala
            Andrew Broome ex Bill Baird

49Oxalis obtusa
yellow (prob luteola)     

50 Oxalis luteola            
51 Oxalis pusilla

52 Oxalis purpurea 'Pink Giant' 
53 Oxalis lasiorhiza          ex Telos
54 Oxalis obtusa
pink and/or yellow       

55 Oxalis purpurea
          ex Bill Baird

56 Oxalis attaquana      
57 Oxalis bifurcata          
58 Oxalis obtusa
MV 5051            ex Bill Baird

59 Oxalissp        ex Bill Baird
60 Oxalis lunar halo       
61 Albuca circinata       
62 Chasmanthe                ex melkhoutfontein
63 Massoniasp (flowring size)   
64 Bulbinella dolomitica (orange)             
65Tritonia deusta

66 Tritonia Karekamma  ex EDeMarie
67 Haemanthussp         
68 Freesiacf. fucata yellow flowers          ex DBG?
69 Freesiasp     
70 Freesia alba 
71 Freesia          ex SH
72 Freesia fucata
              ex SH Villiersdorp

73 Babiana villosa

74 Ferraria sp    ex assegaaibosch
75 Moraea aristata        
76 Moraea ciliata           ex BX 241
77 Moraea loubseri

78 Moraea lurida

79 Moraea lurida
            ex BX 267 #13

80 Moraea polystachya

Judy Wong
81 Chasmanthe floribunda 'Duckittii'      
82 Watsonia sp (white) 
83 Crocosmia 'Burning Embers' 
84 Albuca sp 'Augrabies Hills'     
Amy Olmsted
85 Arisaema triphyllum 
86 Arisaema consanguineum 'Silver Center' (small offsets)           
87 Arisaema triphyllum ssp stewardsonii
88 Arisaema fargesii    
89 Cyrtanthus parvifolius            
90 Zephyranthes candida

Mark Akimoff
91 Arum byzantinum     
92 Arum dioscoridis      
93 Arum tenuifolium ssp abbreviatum   
94 Colchicum 'Glory of Heemstede'       
95 Crocus kotschyanus 'Reliant'   
96 Crocus sativus          
97 Galanthus atkinsii    
98 Geranium macrostylum 'Talish'          
99 Moraea ochroleuca 
100Oxalis hirta

101 Triteleia ixioides ssp analina
102 Ferraria densepunctulata     Duggan
103 Ferraria divaricata
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: yellow, green
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate

104 Ferraria crispa         Duggan
105Ferraria ferrariola     Duggan
106 Freesia caryophyllacea
          d'oblong + Ittner

107 Gladiolus bonaspei
Flower Colors: red, orange
Life form:  corm
Climate: winter rain climate
  Silverhill Silvesmere Peninsula

108 Calochortus superbus           collection
109 Moraea serpentina

110 Romulea tortuosa
var tortuosa          Summerfield (Bo-Tuin)

111 Moraea pritzeliana

112 Calochortus venustus           collection
113 Gladiolus patersoniae           Silverhill (Little Karoo)
114 Gladiolus equitans
Flower Colors: red, orange
Climate: winter rain climate

115 Babiana ringens       Silverhill
Joseph Gorman
116 Habranthus robustus
received as Rhodophiala bifida AGS SX68#3923

117 Habranthussp. (tubispathus?)          AGS SX67#2843
118 Habranthus tubispathus      
119 Ledebouria socialis

120 Ornithogalum longebracteatum       
121 Romulea pratensis
  SRGC SX71#3320

122 Romulea rosea
        SRGC SX71#3322

123 Zephyranthes concolor          AGS SX66#5031
124 Zephyranthes drummondii
  AGS SX66#5032

125 Zephyranthes morrisclintii   NARGS SX18-19#2179
Robert Parks
126 Albuca virens
Flower Colors: white, green
Life form:  bulb

127 Sauromatum venosum
(few petiole spots)    ex Plant Delights

128 Amorphophallus konjac
Flower Colors: black
Flower Season: mid spring
Special: edible storage organ
Life form:  tuber
RP3              ex Harbinger Orchids

129 Arum italicum        
130 Arisaema exappendiculatum

131 Arisaema concinnum

132 Arisaema(lost label)              fargesii or candidissumum
133 Arisaema flavum
(Yellow Strain #2)  ex Harbinger Orchids

134 Albuca fragrans        from PBS SX-472
135 Arum dioscoridis v. syriacum RP1     
136 Arisaema dracontium          
137 Ixia polystacha Baby Blue     
138 Themids (Tassajara Hot Springs)        prob: Dipterostemon capitatus, Tritileia ixioides
139 Nerine filifolia

Christine Doud
140 Calostemma purpureum       RECALCITRANT SEEDS
Arcangelo Wessells
141 Gethyllis ciliaris ssp. Longituba (open pollinated, pink)            Silverhill seed
142 Gethyllis, likely linearis (misc sizes, white flowers, scented)    Silverhill seed
Bridget Wosczyna
143 Amorphophallus konjac
Flower Colors: black
Flower Season: mid spring
Special: edible storage organ
Life form:  tuber
  Flowering size (one corm: size of a softball) will require additional postage         

144 Amorphophallus konjac
Flower Colors: black
Flower Season: mid spring
Special: edible storage organ
Life form:  tuber
(a year or two from flowering size but large)

145 Arisaema fargesii
(Flowering size and smaller corms)

146 Arisaema consanguineum 'Silver Center'.  May be 'Siren's Song, 'Perfect Wave' or 'Poseidon' (at or near flowering size)        ex Ellen Hornig, Seneca Hill Nursery
147 Arisaema lichiangense(offsets)         
148 Arisaema heterophyllum
(offsets, large marble size) 

Janet Hoffman
149 Allium unifolium

150 Amaryllis papilio
151 Babiana ringens

152 Watsonia meriana ssp meriana
Judy McBride
153 Alstroemeria psittacosaurus
154 Alstroemeria psittacina 'variegata'
155 Iris pseudacorus  likely 'Holden Clough'
156 Amaryllis papilio
157 Acis tingitana
BX Director


here's some notes on my donations: 

116 Habranthus robustus - I think this was received as Rhodophiala bifida AGS SX68#3923, but since this pot was involved in Amaryllipocalypse it could be a tag mix-up and actually be AGS SX67#2842.

117 Habranthus sp. AGS SX67#2843 - I think this is H. tubispathus.

118 Habranthus tubispathus - unsure of source, likely Habranthus robustus 'Aureus' from AGS SX67#2846; or possibly PBS BX424#4 Habranthus tubispathus, typical Texas form, from Fred Thorne

119 Ledebouria socialis - from Green Spring Gardens c. 1999

120 Ornithogalum longebracteatum/Albuca bracteata - from the discount rack of the local garden center c. 2020

121 & 122 Romulea rosea SRGC SX71#3322 & Romulea pratensis SRGC SX71#3320 - unsure of ID on these, both look similar to me, are tall (for Romulea) with small, long-stemmed purplish flowers and intricate green/silver patterning on reverse. Set a lot of seed - there may be some in with the corms.

123 Zephyranthes concolor AGS SX66#5031

124 Zephyranthes drummondii AGS SX66#5032

125 Zephyranthes morrisclintii NARGS SX18-19#2179

157 Acis tingitana PBS BX468#5 Jane McGary

AGS = Alpine Garden Society
SRGC = Scottish Rock Garden Club
NARGS = North American Rock Garden Society*

*Per Laura Serowicz, NARGS seed exchanges are usually notated as the donation year. I put 18-19 in case others do it differently!


Items 102-115 on this BX list were supplied by me rather than Mark Akimoff.