Amianthium is a monotypic genus once considered to belong to the Liliaceae family and considered to be a member of the Melanthiaceae. This genus was once part of the genus Zigadenus, now broken into four additional genera including this one (see Zomlefer et al. 2001). Along with Amianthium, Zigadenus has been split into the genera Anticlea, Stenanthium, and Toxicoscordion. A single species has been retained in Zigadenus, Z. glaberrimus.

Amianthium muscaetoxicum (Walter) A. Gray is found in data bases with many alternate spellings. It may have been published at one time with this spelling, but now Amianthium muscitoxicum seems to be preferred. Other synonyms you can find are Amiantanthus muscaetoxicum, Chrosperma muscitoxicum, Melanthium muscaetoxicum, Melanthium muscitoxicum, Zigadenus muscaetoxicum, Zigadenus muscitoxicum, Zigadenus muscitoxicus, and Zygadenus muscaetoxicus. It is native to the eastern United States. All parts of the plant are poisonous, especially the bulbs, and the specific epithet, muscaetoxicum, translates to Fly Poison, a common name for this plant. Photographed June 2008 in Linville Gorge Wilderness, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina by Jay Yourch.

Amianthium muscitoxicum, Jay YourchAmianthium muscitoxicum, Jay Yourch

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