Boskloof is located between Caledon, Stanford and Napier, about 90 minutes east of Cape Town, South Africa. This farm, owned by Thys and Christa de Villiers, is primarily mountain fynbos and is known for its great number of Ericas. Also on the property and near by are a large number of bulbs. Pictures of them will be added to this page.
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Aristea teretifolia found in nearby renosterveld. Photo by Bob Rutemoeller.

Aristea teretifolia, Bob Rutemoeller


Babiana montana found on sandstone and limestone slopes. Photo taken by Cameron McMaster.

Babiana montana, Cameron McMaster

Babiana purpurea is found on clay slopes and flats in renosterveld. Photo taken by Cameron McMaster.

Babiana purpurea, Cameron McMaster


Geissorhiza ornithogaloides Photo by Cameron McMaster.

Geissorhiza ornithogaloides, Cameron McMaster

Geissorhiza ovata growing in fynbos. Photo by Bob Rutemoeller September 2003.

Geissorhiza ovata, Bob Rutemoeller

Geissorhiza schinzii Photos by Cameron McMaster.

Geissorhiza schinzii, Cameron McMasterGeissorhiza schinzii, Cameron McMaster


Gladiolus alatus Photo by Bob Rutemoeller.

Gladiolus alatus, Bob Rutemoeller

Gladiolus bullatus is found on sandstone slopes in fynbos in the southwest Cape and the Agulhas plain. Photo by Bob Rutemoeller

Gladiolus bullatus, Bob Rutemoeller

Gladiolus debilis growing in fynbos. Photo by Bob Rutemoeller.

Gladiolus debilis, Bob Rutemoeller

Gladiolus virescens photo by Cameron McMaster.

Gladiolus virescens, Cameron McMaster


Lachenalia contaminata photo by Cameron McMaster.

Lachenalia contaminata, Cameron McMaster

Lachenalia rosea photo by Cameron McMaster.

Lachenalia rosea, Boskloof, Cameron McMaster


Moraea neglecta photo by Cameron McMaster.

Moraea neglecta, Boskloof, Cameron McMaster


Spiloxene capensis Photo by Bob Rutemoeller.

Spiloxene capensis, Bob Rutemoeller


Wachendorfia paniculata Photo by Bob Rutemoeller.

Wachendorfia paniculata, Bob Rutemoeller


Watsonia schlechteri Photo by Cameron McMaster.

Watsonia schlechteri, Boskloof, Cameron McMaster

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