Eremurus, a member of the family Asphodelaceae, is a genus of more than 40 species mostly from central and western Asia, inhabiting dry rocky slopes, often found at fairly high elevations in mountainous terrain. The tall flower dramatic flower spikes appear in late spring to early summer and plants grow from a rhizomatous rootstock. This genus was discussed informally on the Pacific Bulb Society list in January 2003. This discussion can be found in the Archives. The consensus seemed to be that attention to drainage is critical, that they also need sun and fertile soil, and without cool to cold winter temperatures they do not flower well. The rootstock should be planted shallowly and care therefore needs to be taken to protect it and the emerging shoots. Since some of the species can be quite tall when in flower, staking may be necessary in windy climates.

Eremurus albertii is an extreemly rare and endangered species from Central Asia. It is a robust plant, 60-80 cm, growing in dry habitats. Photos taken by Oron Peri in Tajikistan.

Eremurus albertii, Oron PeriEremurus albertii, Oron Peri

Eremurus himalaicus from Afghanistan and the Himalayas grows to 2.5 meters and has white fragrant starry flowers in late spring. It seems to be the most likely to succeed in climates with mild winters. It needs a sunny spot and if grown where winters are wet before plants emerge, very well drained soil or protection from the rain. Photo 1 by Arnold Trachtenberg; photo 2 of seed by David Pilling.

Eremurus himalaicus, Arnold TrachtenbergEremurus himalaicus seed, David Pilling

Eremurus lactiflorus is a species from Central Asia, easily recognized by the orange colored buds and milky white flowers, usually it can be seen in high numbers. Photos were taken by Oron Peri in its habitat in Uzbekistan.

Eremurus lactiflorus, Oron PeriEremurus lactiflorus, Oron Peri

Eremurus olgae is from Turkestan in Western Asia. Photos by Janos Agoston.

Eremurus olgae, Janos AgostonEremurus olgae, Janos Agoston

Eremurus sogdianus is distributed from central Asia to northern Afghanistan. It grows to 1.5 meters and blooms in summer. Photo by Alessandro Marinello

Eremurus sogdianus, Alessandro MarinelloEremurus sogdianus,Alessandro Marinello

Eremurus stenophyllus (syn. Eremurus bungei) from Iran, flower photos by Mark McDonough, early June, 2002 and late June 28, 2004, at mid anthesis. The plant had 12 flower spikes in 2004. Photograph of roots by David Pilling, the coin is around an inch in diameter.

Eremurus stenophyllus, Mark McDonoughEremurus stenophyllus, Mark McDonoughEremurus stenophyllus roots, David Pilling

Eremurus tianschanicus is a tall and impressive species from Central Asia, somewhat resembling Drimia maritima. It grows in dry habitats usually in large numbers. The Tian Shan, or Tien Shan, is a large system of mountain ranges located in Central Asia. Photos were taken in Kazakhstan by Oron Peri.

Eremurus tianschanicus, Oron PeriEremurus tianschanicus, Oron Peri

Eremurus robustus is native to mountains of Central Asia and flowers in early summer. It grows to 3 meters tall when in flower. The first photo was taken by Arnold Trachtenberg. The next two are of a pink form photographed in mid-May, 2005 by Jim McKenney. This first shows the inflorescence close up, and the second gives the overall scale.

Eremurus robustus, Arnold TrachtenbergEremurus robustus, Jim McKenneyEremurus robustus, Jim McKenney

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