Merendera was a small cormous European and Asian genus in Colchicaceae. In the paper A phylogenetic analysis of the genus Colchicum L. (Colchicaceae) based on sequences from six plastid regions (Persson et al. 2011), the genus Merendera was discovered to be polyphyletic (meaning the species have evolved from separate ancestors). In 2023 Merendera is consider to be synonymous with Colchicum. Flowers differed by having no tube, just six separate segments. Species were winter growing with funnel shaped white, pink, or purple flowers. Some species flowered in the fall and some in the spring.

Merendera bulbocodioides Willd. see Colchicum montanum L.

Merendera candidissima Miscz. ex Grossh. see Colchicum trigynum (Steven ex Adam) Stearn

Merendera eichleri (Regel) Boiss. see Colchicum eichleri (Regel) K.Perss.

Merendera jolantae Czerniak. is a synonym of Colchicum robustum (Bunge) Stef.

Merendera kurdica Bornm. is a considered to be a synonym of Colchicum kurdicum (Bornm.) Stef.

Merendera mirzoevae Gabrieljan see Colchicum mirzoevae (Gabrieljan) K.Perss.

Merendera montana (L.) Lange syn. Colchicum montanum L.

Merendera raddeana Regel see Colchicum raddeanum (Regel) K.Perss.

Merendera sobolifera C.A.Mey. see Colchicum soboliferum (C.A.Mey.) Stef.

Merendera trigyna (Steven ex Adams) Stapf see Colchicum trigynum (Steven ex Adam) Stearn

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