Moraea MM 10-23

The parents.   Seed parent: Moraea MM 03-98a (atropunctata x calcicola)   X   Pollen parent: Moraea MM 03-98b (atropunctata x calcicola)

Moraea MM-03-98a (M. atropunctata × M. calcicola), Michael MaceX Moraea MM-03-98b (M. atropunctata × M. calcicola), Michael Mace

The offspring

Moraea MM-10-23a (MM 03-98a (atropunctata × calcicola) X MM 03-98b (atropunctata × calcicola)), Michael Mace

This is my first second-generation (F2) cross of the nicely-spotted MM 03-98. MM 10-23a. I was hoping for interesting recessive genes here: maybe some interesting spot patterns, or some of the colors of M. atropunctata. But to my surprise, the first plant to flower was a throwback to its Moraea calcicola grandparent. I'm happy to have it, though, as I lost the grandparent. It's nice to know that its genes are still around.


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