Moraea MM 11-61

The parents. Seed parent: Moraea MM 03-98c (atropunctata x calcicola)   X   Pollen parent: Moraea gigandra

Moraea MM-03-98c (M. atropunctata × M. calcicola), Michael MaceX Moraea gigandra, Michael Mace

The offspring

Moraea MM 11-61a (MM 03-98c (atropunctata x calcicola) X gigandra), Michael Mace

MM 11-61a. This was a nice surprise. It has the basic look and shape of its Moraea gigandra pollen parent, but with an orange center that apparently comes from the orange in the center of the seed parent. It's a very attractive, tidy-looking flower.

I was also happy that this one bloomed only two years after the cross was made, while the corms were still in the seed cup. Moraeas usually take three years to bloom.


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