Moraea MM 99-00

The parents:
Seed parent: Moraea atropunctata?   X   Pollen parent: Moraea neopavonia

Moraea atropunctata, Bob Rutemoeller X Moraea neopavonia, Bob Werra

The offspring:

Moraea MM 99-00a (atropunctata? × neopavonia), dark center, Michael MaceMoraea MM 99-00b (atropunctata? × neopavonia), light-centered form, Michael MaceMoraea MM 99-00c (atropunctata? × neopavonia), mauve streaks, Michael Mace

MM 99-00a (first photo) has a very dark central beard. MM 99-00b (second photo) has a lighter beard. It looks a lot like M. neopavonia, although its color is paler. MM 99-00c (third photo) looks a lot like form b, but is a bit paler and has some subtle purple-mauve streaks in the tepals.

In most of the Moraea crosses I've made, if one of the parents is pure orange, the offspring will be a slightly lighter shade of orange. This one is a great example.

This cross was a survivor of one of my first breeding experiments. I was not yet keeping written records at the time, and at some point the tag broke. So I am not sure of the parents. The remaining part of the tag seems to say that Moraea atropunctata was one of the parents. It's also very obvious that Moraea neopavonia was involved, although the flowers are paler than pure M. neopavonia. So I have labeled the cross with those two species, but with a question mark because this flower doesn't show the freckles or other characteristics I'd expect from M. atropunctata.

I've repeated this cross, so hopefully at some point I'll know for sure what the parents were.

(By the way, form C did not bloom in the first few years that I had this plant. It could just be a reluctant bloomer, or it's possible that it's actually an F2 hybrid of forms A and B. At the time, I had not yet learned to be careful about removing self-pollinated seed pods.)

This cross is vigorous and blooms well. Forms a and b produce a lot of pollen, and are a good seed and pollen parents. Form c is not as good as a seed parent.


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