Moraea MM 09-01

The parents   Seed parent: Moraea aristata   X   Pollen parent: Moraea loubseri

Moraea aristata, Lee PoulsenX Moraea loubseri, Bob Rutemoeller

The offspring

Moraea MM 09-01, Michael MaceMoraea MM 09-01, Michael Mace

The photo at left shows how the flowers look when they first open. After the flowers have been in the sun for a few days, the tepals fade to almost pure white (second photo).

Cross a white Moraea with a purple Moraea and what do you get? A pale purple Moraea, duh. These are vigorous plants that put out many flowers, but they're not all that exciting visually. They're also completely infertile so far: 0 for 9 as a seed parent, and only one attempted cross as a pollen parent because the flowers have virtually no pollen (the cross failed). I'm afraid this particular cross is probably a dead end for breeding.

It does raise an interesting question, though. In terms of shape, the flowers below look a lot like the flowers of MM 99-00, a cross that I thought was between M. neopavonia and M. atropunctata. I wonder if those bulbs might actually be M. neopavonia x M. loubseri. I am repeating both crosses to find out.

Bob Werra raised some hybrids of aristata and loubseri. Unlike mine, Bob's hybrids do not fade in the sun, and they appear to be at least partially fertile. You can see them here.


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