Moraea MM 09-04

The parents.   Seed parent: Moraea MM 99-00   X   Pollen parent: Moraea MM 99-00

Moraea MM 99-00a (atropunctata? × neopavonia), dark center, Michael MaceX Moraea MM 99-00a (atropunctata? × neopavonia), dark center, Michael Mace

The offspring

Moraea MM 09-04a (MM 99-00 X MM 99-00), Michael MaceMoraea MM 09-04a (MM 99-00 X MM 99-00), Michael MaceMoraea MM 09-04b (MM 99-00 X MM 99-00), Michael MaceMoraea MM 09-04c (MM 99-00 X MM 99-00), Michael Mace

MM 09-04a (first two photos) was a delightful surprise: a brilliant lemon yellow flower, a color not found in any of its grandparents. Its main flaw is that the flowers are small, but it's vigorous and very fertile, so I was able to make a lot of crosses from it (it's 4 of 6 as a seed parent and an amazing 17 of 21 as a pollen parent). I hope to combine that color with bigger flowers and other patterns. MM 09-04b (third photo) looks very much like its parents. MM 09-04c (fourth photo) looks a lot like M. neopavonia, one of the grandparents of this cross. This specimen is a misshapen flower that was also battered by hail. Blooms the next year were still somewhat misshapen, but had three outer tepals instead of four.

This was my first successful hybrid between two siblings of the same cross; I think the breeding professionals call that an F2 hybrid. These crosses are important because they let recessive genes peek through, and that's definitely what happened here. I had blooms from several more offspring of this cross in 2013, but they all looked like form B.


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