Moraea MM 10-03

The parents.   Seed parent: Moraea gigandra   X   Pollen parent: Moraea MM 99-00 (atropunctata? x neopavonia)

Moraea gigandra, Michael MaceX Moraea MM 99-00a (atropunctata? × neopavonia), dark center, Michael Mace

The offspring

Moraea MM 10-03a (gigandra X MM 99-00), Michael MaceMoraea MM 10-03b (gigandra X MM 99-00), Michael MaceMoraea MM 10-03b (gigandra X MM 99-00), Michael MaceMoraea MM 10-03c (gigandra X MM 99-00), Michael MaceMoraea MM 10-03d (gigandra X MM 99-00), Michael Mace

MM 10-03a (first photo) is kind of like an orange-yellow version of M. gigandra, but without the blue eye. Note the distinct yellow ring around the center of the flower. MM 10-03b (second and third photos) has a small blue eye but is paler than form A. MM 10-03c (fourth photo) is like form A, but with a muddier color. It has a small bluish dot where the eye would normally be. MM 10-03d (fifth photo) was a pleasant shock. Flower breeders have all sorts of words for flowers that are almost but not quite red: burgundy, plum, old rose, etc. I think this one is plum-colored. Whatever word we use, it's interesting to me not just because of the color, but because there's nice contrast with the blue eye and orange center. This flower looks pretty promising to me.

In general, I've found that mixing a purebred orange Moraea with a purple one produces a slightly paler orange one. But in this cross, the orange parent is already half something else. When you mix that with a purple flower, there are many more possibilities. The color in most of these plants does not resemble M. gigandra, but other characteristics of that species show up.

These flowers have a moderate amount of pollen and appear to be somewhat fertile.

Compare these flowers to the flowers from the reciprocal cross, MM 10-16.


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