Moraea MM 10-38

The parents.   Seed parent: Moraea aristata   X   Pollen parent: MM 99-00 (atropunctata? x neopavonia)

Moraea aristata, Lee PoulsenX Moraea MM 99-00a (atropunctata? × neopavonia), Michael Mace

The offspring

MM 10-38a (aristata X MM 99-00 (atropunctata × neopavonia)), Michael MaceMM 10-38b (aristata X MM 99-00 (atropunctata × neopavonia)), Michael MaceMM 10-38c (aristata X MM 99-00 (atropunctata × neopavonia)), Michael MaceMM 10-38d (aristata X MM 99-00 (atropunctata × neopavonia)), Michael Mace

MM 10-38a (first photo) has a very pale yellow color in the outer tepals, fading to white in the sun. The inner tepals and center are stronger yellow. MM 10-38b (second photo) is similar to form A, but the eye is not as well formed. MM 10-38c and MM 10-38d (third and fourth photos) both look a lot like pure M. aristata. I wonder if maybe I got some aristata pollen onto this flower by accident...

This was an attempt to re-create the cross that led to MM 03-05a, a flower that looks much like M. aristata but has a pale yellow background. I like that flower a lot, but it appears to be completely infertile. I was hoping for a fertile version of that flower.

The result was half-successful. Some of these flowers have a pale yellow coloration to them (too pale), and they do appear to be at least somewhat fertile. Unfortunately, they don’t have the big blue and purple eye that makes MM 03-05a so special.


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