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In January 2004 the pbs list topic of the week was favorite yellow flowered bulbs. Members were invited to submit their five favorites. Many of the respondents chose to pick plants that could easily be grown where they lived although a few people named plants they grow in greenhouses in their climates. A number of people had a difficult time choosing five because they do not like yellow flowers very much. Others named more than five. Below are the favorite plants people named with a few descriptive comments from the participants followed by their names and where they live. If there are pictures of these plants on the PBS wiki, they are linked.

This page contains genera A -F.

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Allium flavum -- Jane McGary, Oregon.

Allium flavum, Nhu Nguyen

Allium flavum ssp. tauricum -- showers of little yellow bulbs, especially 'Lemon Coolor', Mark McDonough, Massachusetts.

Allium flavum 'Lemon Coolor', Mark McDonough

Allium moly -- Dave Brastow, Washington.

Allium moly, Ernie DeMarie

Alstroemeria aurea -- a yellow-flowered selection does very well in the garden, Roy Sachs, Northern California.

Alstroemeria aurea, Janos Agoston

Alstroemeria kingii -- graceful and delicate, greenhouse, Roy Sachs, Northern California.

Alstroemeria kingii, Jane McGary

Anemone palmata -- bright pure yellow, Jane McGary, Oregon.

Anemone palmata, Mary Sue Ittner

Arisaema flavum -- light cadmium yellow, Paige Woodward, BC Canada; Jim Waddick, Missouri.

Arisaema flavum, John Lonsdale

Arum creticum -- blooms when not much else is in flower, Bill Dijk, New Zealand; spring-butter yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada; gorgeous brilliant yellow scented spathes and bright green leaves, Peter Maynard, England.

Arum creticum, Jay Yourch

Asphodeline lutea -- John Bryan, Northern California.

Asphodeline lutea, Mary Sue Ittner

Bloomeria crocea -- borne in masses, they make a bright yellow area in June, Ken Hixon, Oregon.

Bloomeria crocea, Bob Rutemoeller

Bobartia robusta -- John Bryan, Northern California.

Bobartia robusta, Nicola van Berkel, iNaturalist, CC BY-SA

Bongardia chrysogonum -- cream, yellow and gold, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Bongardia chrysogonum, Paige Woodward

Bulbinella elegans -- John Bryan, Northern California.

Bulbinella elegans, Mary Sue Ittner

Bulbinella latifolia -- yellow form, bright, reliable drifts of color at a time when not much else is in bloom, Jaime, Northern California.

Bulbinella latifolia spp. latifolia, Mary Sue Ittner

Calochortus amabilis -- Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Calochortus amabilis, Bob Rutemoeller

Calochortus clavatus -- big and bright, Jane McGary, Oregon.

Calochortus clavatus recurvifolius, Sheila Burrow

Calochortus luteus -- Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Calochortus luteus, Mary Sue Ittner

Calochortus luteus 'Golden Orb' -- (cultivar of same), rich yellow color, Jim Shields, Indiana.

Calochortus 'Golden Orb', Doug Westfall

Clivia gardenii (yellow) -- John Ingram, Southern California.

Clivia miniata -- yellow cultivars, John Ingram, Southern California; Jim Shields, Indiana; Lee Poulsen, Southern California.

Clivia yellow form, Jamie Vande

Corydalis schanginii ssp. ainae -- white tipped bright gold with a drop of garnet, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Corydalis schanginii subsp. ainae, Jane McGary

Crocus chrysanthus 'Advance' -- gracious soft yellow flower, deeper colored at the center, but palest lilac on the three outer tepals, Mark McDonough, Massachusetts.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Advance 2', Mark McDonough

Crocus chrysanthus 'Cream Beauty' -- a lovely soft creamy yellow that is particularly effective in the garden, showing up in dull weather, John Grimshaw, Gloucestershire, U.K.;

Crocus chrysanthus 'Cream Beauty', Janos Agoston

Crocus chrysanthus 'Moonlight' -- light pure yellow, Jane McGary, Oregon.

Crocus cvijicii -- Jane McGary, Oregon.

Crocus cvijicii, Tony Goode

Crocus vitellinus -- eggyolk-yellow that multiplies fast, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Crocus vitellinus, Mark McDonough

Cyrtanthus mackenii var. cooperi -- pale creamy yellow tubular flowers, Jim Shields, Indiana.

Cyrtanthus mackenii var. cooperi, Cameron McMaster

Daubenya aurea -- yellow form is happy here under glass, Peter Maynard, England.

Daubenya aurea, Bob Rutemoeller

Delphinium luteum -- Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California, Jane McGary, Oregon.

Delphinium luteum, Mary Sue Ittner

Disporum flavens -- buttercup yellow, Paige Woodward BC, Canada; Jim Waddick, Missouri.

Disporum flavens, Jay Yourch

Eranthis cilicica -- wonderful for flower and foliage (same for species below), Jim Waddick, Missouri.

Eranthis cilicica, Jim McKenney

Eranthis hyemalis -- tough and indestructible, Rodger Whitlock, British Columbia, Diane Whitehead, British Columbia, Jim Waddick, Missouri; Jim McKenney, Maryland; bright yellow cups against the unexpected fingered leaf is something out of faerieland, Jamie Vande, Germany.

Eranthis hyemalis, John Lonsdale

Erythronium americanum -- medium cadmium yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Erythronium americanum, John Lonsdale

Erythronium 'Citronella' -- Diane Whitehead, British Columbia.

Erythronium grandiflorum -- buttercup yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada; John Bryan, Northern California.

Erythronium grandiflorum, Ian Young

Erythronium 'Sundisc' -- Large flower, less leafy than other hybrids or species, Jane McGary, Oregon.

Erythronium 'Sundisc', John Lonsdale

Fritillaria aurea -- cadmium yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Fritillaria aurea, Arnold Trachtenberg

Fritillaria carica -- greenish yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Fritillaria carica, John Lonsdale

Fritillaria imperialis var. lutea -- Jamie Vande, Germany.

Fritillaria imperialis 'Lutea Maxima', Jamie Vande

Fritillaria pallidiflora -- mimosa yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Fritillaria pallidiflora, Arnold Trachtenberg

Fritillaria pudica -- cadmium yellow to greenish yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Fritillaria pudica, Jane McGary

Fritillaria thunbergii -- creamy yellow flowers, metallic tinge on the brownish reticulations, Mark Mazer, Connecticut.

Fritillaria thunbergii, John Lonsdale

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