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In January 2004 the pbs list topic of the week was favorite yellow flowered bulbs. Members were invited to submit their five favorites. Many of the respondents chose to pick plants that could easily be grown where they lived although a few people named plants they grow in greenhouses in their climates. A number of people had a difficult time choosing five because they do not like yellow flowers very much. Others named more than five. Below are the favorite plants people named with a few descriptive comments from the participants followed by their names and where they live. If there are pictures of these plants on the PBS wiki, they are linked.

This page contains genera G -M.

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Gladiolus dalenii -- soft yellow form, Roger Whitlock, British Columbia and Gladiolus dalenii (once known as Gladiolus primulinus), Jim Shields, Indiana.

Gladiolus dalenii, Mary Hunter

Gladiolus x gandavensis -- nice primrose-yellow flowers in later summer, hardy, Jim Shields, Indiana; larger than other hardy Glad species, easy in sun or light shade, Jim Waddick, Missouri.

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus -- early blooming, extremely refreshing fragrance and a long bloom cycle with nice, very erect, blue-green foliage, Jamie Vande, Germany

Hesperantha vaginata -- brown breaks the yellow, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly Southern California.

Hesperantha vaginata, Mary Sue Ittner

Hesperoxiphion peruvianum syn. Cypella peruviana-- long bloom, striking short lived flowers, Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Hesperoxiphion peruvianum, Bob Rutemoeller

Hymenocallis 'Sulphur Queen' -- Jim McKenney, Maryland.

Ismene 'Sulphur Queen', Jim McKenney

Ipheion dialystemon see Nothoscordum dialystemon

Ipheion sellowianum see Nothoscordum felipponei

Iris bucharica -- yellow and white, but presents as an eye-smack of cadmium yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada; Jim Waddick, Missouri; Jamie Vande, Germany.

Iris bucharica, John Lonsdale

Iris innominata -- warm medium cadmium yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada; Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Iris innominata, Mary Sue Ittner

Iris orchioides -- mimosa and butter yellows, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Iris orchioides, John Lonsdale

Iris winogradowii -- soft yellow, Roger Whitlock, British Columbia.

Iris winogradowii, John Lonsdale

Iris xiphium -- Jamie Vande, Germany.

Iris xiphium var. lusitanica, Celestino Gelpi

Lachenalia hybrid -- butter yellow color, Lee Poulsen, Southern California.

Lachenalia mathewsii -- bright yellow, Mark Mazer, Connecticut.

Lachenalia mathewsii, Mary Sue Ittner

Lachenalia reflexa -- Jim Shields, Indiana.

Lachenalia reflexa, Kristina Van Wert

Lilium 'African Queen' -- huge tower, increases nicely, fragrant, John Ingram, Southern California.

Lilium 'African Queen', Janos Agoston

Lilium canadense -- moving into apricot and Lilium columbianum, gold, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Lilium canadense, Ron MoodycliffeLilium columbianum, Ron Moodycliffe

Lilium 'Gold Eagle' -- nice bowl shaped flowers, Ken Hixson, Oregon.

Lilium 'Golden Splendor' -- good texture and long lasting in flower, John Bryan, Northern California.

Lilium 'Golden Splendour', Janos Agoston

Lilium hansonii -- Jim McKenney, Maryland.

Lilium hansonii, Darm Crook

Lilium monadelphum -- a very reliable, perennial lily, flowering in June, John Grimshaw, Gloucestershire, U.K.; Arnold Trachtenberg, New Jersey.

Lilium monadelphum, Arnold Trachtenberg

Lilium parryi -- spring-butter yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Lilium parryi, Nhu Nguyen

Lilium -- yellow trumpet hybrid like 'Copper Crown' or 'Royal Gold', fragrance, Ken Hixson, Oregon.

Lilium 'Royal Gold', Janos Agoston

Lycoris aurea --nice gold yellow color, intriguing flower shape, Lee Poulsen, Southern California.

Lycoris aurea, Bill Dijk

Lycoris chinensis -- fall blooming, beautiful gold, Bill Dijk, New Zealand, large impressive and gorgeous golden yellow late summer, Jim Waddick, Missouri; Arnold Trachtenberg, New Jersey.

Lycoris chinensis, Arnold Trachtenberg

Moraea alticola -- large primrose-yellow flowers, evergreen and very leathery leaves, with a beautiful reticulated cataphyll at their base, John Grimshaw, Gloucestershire, U.K.

Moraea alticola, Bob Rutemoeller

Moraea elegans (syn. Homeria elegans) -- lovely mix of yellow and either green or orange, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly Southern California.

Moraea elegans, Mary Sue Ittner

Moraea papilionacea -- pale yellow ones, excellent pot plant, Mark Mazer, Connecticut (and greenhouses).

Moraea papilionacea, Bob Werra

Moraea ramosissima -- John Bryan, Northern California.

Moraea ramosissima, Cameron McMaster

Muscari macrocarpum -- lovely with a subtle, delightful odor, Dave Brastow, Washington.

Muscari macrocarpum, Arnold Trachtenberg

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