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In January 2004 the pbs list topic of the week was favorite yellow flowered bulbs. Members were invited to submit their five favorites. Many of the respondents chose to pick plants that could easily be grown where they lived although a few people named plants they grow in greenhouses in their climates. A number of people had a difficult time choosing five because they do not like yellow flowers very much. Others named more than five. Below are the favorite plants people named with a few descriptive comments from the participants followed by their names and where they live. If there are pictures of these plants on the PBS wiki, they are linked.

This page contains genera Q-Z.

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Ranunculus ficaria 'Brazen Hussy' -- now goes under the name Ficaria verna nominated because of its leaves not flower, Liz Waterman, Northern California.

was Ranunculus ficaria, now Ficaria verna 'Brazen Hussey', Mary Sue Ittnerwas Ranunculus ficaria, now Ficaria verna'Brazen Hussey', Mary Sue Ittner

Ranunculus gramineus -- Nice big yellow flowers, up in the air where you can see them, Dave Brastow, Washington.

Ranunculus 'Hadeco Yellow' -- one of the finest strains, very full double flowers, John Bryan, Northern California.

Romulea citrina and Romulea diversiformis -- Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Romulea citrina, Bob RutemoellerRomulea diversiformis, Mary Sue Ittner

Romulea flava is a long blooming, bright yellow form, Romulea luteoflora a yellow with wonderful black markings, and Romulea tortuosa often has interesting dark markings, Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Romulea flava, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea luteoflora, Mary Sue IttnerRomulea tortuosa spp. tortuosa, Mary Sue Ittner

Sandersonia aurantiaca -- John Bryan, Northern California.

Sandersonia aurantiaca, Mary Sue Ittner

Sinningia hybrids -- 'Krezdorn Yellow' and 'Aggregata Yellow' -- John Ingram, Southern California.

Sisyrinchium californicum -- buttercup yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada. Sisyrinchium 'Puerto Yellow' -- 8-10" tall, blooms 4 months, flowers well in part shade or full sun, John Ingram, Southern California.

Sisyrinchium californicum, Mary Sue Ittner

Sparaxis grandiflora ssp. acutiloba -- wonderful petal "substanceā€, Mark Mazer, Connecticut.

Sparaxis grandiflora ssp. acutiloba, Bob Rutemoeller

Spiloxene spp., see Pauridia

Sternbergia lutea -- welcome fall bloomer that is very reliable, Jim Waddick, Missouri, Jane McGary, Oregon; bloom makes me smile at a time when little else is flowering, Jamie Vande, Germany; Jim McKenney, Maryland; bright, large, sturdy flowers in early autumn when not much else is flowering, strong green leaves which persist through the worst of our winter, Peter Maynard, England.

Sternbergia lutea, Jane McGary

Sternbergia sicula -- narrow spreading leaves and flowers held up well clear of them, John Grimshaw, Gloucestershire, UK; Jane McGary, Oregon.

Sternbergia sicula, John Grimshaw

Tigridia sp. -- any yellow, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly Southern California.

Tigridia pavonia, Bob Rutemoeller

Trillium luteum -- the name is dubious, but a clump of this pale yellow-flowered sessile Trillium has been here for over thirty years, Jim McKenney, Maryland.

Trillium luteum, John Lonsdale

Triteleia ixioides -- many different wonderful subspecies for long bloom, special mention to Triteleia ixioides ssp. scabra 'Tiger', Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California. Triteleia ixioides 'High Sierra Form' -- Jane McGary, Oregon. Triteleia ixioides ssp. scabra -- pale yellow flowers in early summer, Jim Shields, Indiana.

Triteleia ixioides 'Tiger', Bob RutemoellerTriteleia ixioides spp. scabra, Bob RutemoellerTriteleia ixioides ssp. scabra, Kern, Mary Sue Ittner

Tulipa -- general vote, Jim McKenney, Maryland.

Tulipa altaica, Arnold Trachtenberg

Tulipa batalinii -- a lovely pale lemon yellow, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada; Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California, Jim Waddick, Missouri; John Grimshaw, Gloucestershire, U.K. Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm' -- elegant dwarf Tulip species, with lily-flowered blooms in pure creamy yellow delicately tinged with bronzy tones, Mark McDonough, Massachusetts.

Tulipa batalinii, John LonsdaleTulipa batalinii, Mary Sue Ittner

Tulipa ferganica -- A yellow tulip that has good staying power in an early warm spell, Arnold Trachtenberg, New Jersey.

Tulipa ferganica, Arnold Trachtenberg

Tulipa tarda -- happy, perky, sunny flower, Dave Brastow, Washington; Jane McGary, Oregon.

Tulipa tarda, Mark McDonough

Tulipa sylvestris and Tulipa urumiensis -- Jane McGary, Oregon; Dave Brastow, Washington seconds the last species.

Tulipa sylvestris, Angelo PorcelliTulipa urumiensis, Arnold Trachtenberg

Uvularia grandiflora -- sunshine tinged with green, Paige Woodward, BC, Canada.

Uvularia grandiflora, John Lonsdale

Veltheimia bracteata yellow form, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly Southern California; Bill Dijk, New Zealand; Doug Westfall, Southern California.

Veltheimia bracteata, Bill Dijk

Wachendorfia thyrsiflora -- beautiful massed in wild, John Bryan, Northern California.

Wachendorfia thyrsiflora, Bob Rutemoeller

Zantedeschia elliottiana -- the cleanest yellow, and so long lasting, John Bryan, Northern California.

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