Moraea MM 11-161

The parents.   Seed parent: MM 99-00b (atropunctata? x neopavonia)   X   Pollen parent: MM 03-99a (neopavonia x villosa)

Moraea MM 99-00b (atropunctata? × neopavonia), light-centered form, Michael MaceX Moraea MM-03-99a (M. neopavonia x villosa), Michael Mace

The offspring

Moraea MM-11-161a (MM 99-00b (atropunctata? x neopavonia) X MM 03-99a (neopavonia x villosa)), Michael MaceMoraea MM-11-161a (MM 99-00b (atropunctata? x neopavonia) X MM 03-99a (neopavonia x villosa)), Michael Mace

This cross was pure experiment; I wanted to see what would happen if I crossed these two orange hybrids. MM 11-161a (first photo) is about what you'd expect: it looks like a pale form of Moraea neopavonia. But MM 11-161b (second photo) was a shock. In person it's more of a mahogany color than this photograph suggests, but still it feels like a step in the path to a red Moraea. I'm glad to say that it's turning out to be a fairly good pollen parent. I was able to make several crosses with it in 2013, including one with the plum-colored hybrid MM 10-03d. I'll be fascinated to see that flower in a few years.

Forms A and B went from seed to bloom in two years.


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