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Started by Martin Bohnet, April 27, 2023, 07:58:47 PM

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Martin Bohnet

Dear Members living in the EU

The last round of this year's spring exchange is now open for orders. The time window for ordering will close on Monday, May 1st at 24:00 Central European Time.

Every fully paid member of the PBS with a postal address in the EU can order from the seeds and bulbs on offer. You do not need to be a donor to be entitled to order. There is no limit of how many positions from the list you can request, but you are only allocated one portion of each item. Please refrain from ordering "one of each" of the offerings.

Please send your request by e-mail directly to Martin Bohnet, who is the director of the EU Bulb and Seed Exchange. Please do NOT send your request to the forum, these requests cannot be served. Please make sure you do not use the reply button when sending your request.

Martin's e-mail: garak@code-garak.de
Orders will be accepted during the four day time window after the list went online, closure will be announced in the forum. Distribution will then be at random so that everybody has the same chance to get the rare items in short supply.

Each portion of seed will be charged 2 US $, each portion of bulbs will be 3 US $. For very big/heavy/rare bulbs this may be doubled. Postage will be added at cost, converted into US $.

Payment for items from the EU-BX can only be made by PayPal in US Dollars to the PayPal account of the Pacific Bulb Society. Please make sure that the PBS receives the amount due in US Dollars. Please go to the bottom of the Bulb Exchange page and fill in the details and continue. It guides you directly on to your PayPal account. No cheques or credit cards can be accepted. Enclosed in the order, every recipient will receive a payment slip showing the details, please wait with any payment until you have received your order.

Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Uli Urban:johannes-ulrich-urban@t-online.de

Here's our list for EX06b:

from Martin Bohnet (all bulbs):
EX06_236 Amorphophallus konjac
Flower Colors: black
Flower Season: mid spring
Special: edible storage organ
Life form:  tuber

EX06_237 Amorphophallus myosuroides
Height: 10-30 cm (0.3-1 ft)
Flower Colors: white
Special: attractive foliage
Life form:  tuber
silver leaf form
EX06_238 Ficaria verna
Height: 0-10 cm (0-3.9 inch)
Flower Colors: yellow
Flower Season: early spring to mid spring
Life form:  tuber
Climate: USDA Zone 5-8
,,Copper Knob"
EX06_239 Ophiopogon chingii
EX06_240 Sinningia tubiflora

from Susanne Deininger (seeds)
EX06_241 Cyclamen cyprium

from  Carlos Jiménez (seeds)
EX06_242 Fritillaria bucharica
(syn Rhinopetalum)
EX06_243 Fritillaria stenanthera
(syn Rhinopetalum)
EX06_244 Narcissus cantabricus
ex Malaga – Tetraploid?
EX06_245 Narcissus dubius
ex Cartagena
EX06_246 Narcissus gaditanus

EX06_247 Narcissus tortifolius
ex Cartagena

from Åke Nordström: bulbs...
EX06_248 Alstroemeria psittacina

EX06_249 Haemanthus albiflos

and seeds:
EX06_250 Clivia miniata
EX06_251 Lilium philippinense

From Uli Urban: bulbs...
EX06_252 Achimenes ,,E. Nelson"
EX06_253 Achimenes grandiflora
Flower Colors: purple
Life form:  rhizome
Climate: summer rain climate
type 2
EX06_254 Achimenes grandiflora
Flower Colors: purple
Life form:  rhizome
Climate: summer rain climate
type 1
EX06_255 Achimenes heterophylla
EX06_256 Achimenes longiflora
EX06_257 Achimenes ,,Pulcherrima"
EX06_258 Achimenes ,,Tarantella"
EX06_259 Achimenes ,,Tetra Verschaffelt"
EX06_260 Amorphophallus atroviridis, 6$
EX06_261 Eucodonia ,,Cecilia"
EX06_262 Eucodonia "Maike"
EX06_263 Eucodonia spec blue
EX06_264 Dioscorea discolor

EX06_265 Milla magnifica

EX06_266 Oxalis elegans

EX06_267 Oxalis stipulans
EX06_268 Seemannia gymnostoma
EX06_269 Seemannia nematanthoides
EX06_270 Smithicodonia ,,Heartlands joy"
EX06_271 Smithicodonia "Ohio's never say never"
EX06_272 Smithicodonia "Ohio's Pumpkin"
EX06_273 Smithicodonia ,,RF's Grandiosa"
EX06_274 Sphaerorrhiza sarmentiana

and seeds:
EX06_275 Clivia miniata
narrow leaf heirloom

Leftovers from the first part of the spring distribution: all seeds, 2$:
EX06_006 Ennealophus euryandrus

EX06_012 Agapanthus spec.,light blue / whitish
EX06_013 Albuca abyssinica

EX06_014 Albuca humilis

EX06_015 Albuca setosa
Flower Colors: white, green, brown, yellow
Life form:  bulb

EX06_016 Albuca tenuifolia
EX06_017 Allium cernuum
Flower Colors: pink, white
Flower Season: early summer to mid summer

EX06_018 Allium cyathophorum
var. farrerii
EX06_019 Allium goodingii
EX06_020 Anthericum ramosum

EX06_021 Dietes iridioides

EX06_022 Dipcadi serotinum

EX06_023 Ornithogalum balansae

EX06_024 Ornithogalum saundersii
EX06_025 Tulbaghia maritima
EX06_026 Zephyranthes primulina

EX06_027 Allium acutiflorum
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: pink
Flower Season: late spring to early summer
(ex Antibes)
EX06_028 Allium christophii
EX06_029 Allium incensiodorum

EX06_030 Anemone drummondii
EX06_031 Asphodelus aestivus

EX06_032 Asphodelus serotinus
EX06_033 Iris x pacifica cultivar mix
EX06_034 Lathyrus spec. Russia
EX06_035 Narcissus grandae, fully fertile (cantabricus x bulbocodium)
EX06_036 Tulipa clusiana

EX06_037 Tulipa kaufmanniana
cv ,Gracija'
EX06_039 Lilium pumilum

EX06_043 Tropaeolum hookerianum

EX06_045 Albuca nelsonii
Flower Colors: white, green
Life form:  bulb

EX06_046 Albuca pulchra

EX06_047 Arisaema flava
EX06_048 Canna paniculata
EX06_051 Dahlia excelsa
EX06_052 Dietes grandiflora

EX06_054 Hippeastrum evansiae

EX06_055 Lilium chalcedonicum
older seed!
EX06_056 Lilium Hybr. 'White Triumphator' open pollinated
EX06_057 Lilium philippinense

EX06_058 Lilium pumilum

EX06_059 Neomarica spec. 1,5, beige and blue
EX06_060 Phalocallis coelestis syn Cypella gigantea
EX06_152 Lachenalia comptonii

EX06_219 Romulea rosea
var rosea

From EX05 (fall 2022), all seeds, 1$/package
EX05_021 Moraea ochroleuca
EX05_022 Muscari comosa syn Leopoldia comosa
EX05_023 Scilla peruviana
pale blue
EX05_024 Brodiaea californica

EX05_028 Dichelostemma capitatum

EX05_029 Dichelostemma congestum

EX05_030 Dichelostemma ida-maia

EX05_031 Dichelostemma multiflorum

EX05_051 Paradisea lusitanica

EX05_052 Tulipa carinata 'Holland' OP
EX05_053 Tulipa clusiana 'Cynthia' OP
EX05_054 Tulipa tarda dasystemon OP
EX05_055 Tulipa tarda
EX05_056 Tulipa tschimganica 'Spanish Flag'OP
EX05_057 Tulipa tschimganica yellow/red OP
EX05_058 Albuca shawii
Flower Colors: yellow

EX05_129 Albuca fragrans
EX05_134 Babiana odorata
EX05_135 Dichelostemma ida-maia

EX05_136 Dietes grandiflora

EX05_137 Ferraria divaricata
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: yellow, green
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate
var areneosa
EX05_138 Freesia caryophyllaceae, Mc Master
EX05_144 Hesperantha bachmannii

EX05_145 Hesperantha cucullata

EX05_146 Hippeastrum evansieae
EX05_148 Hippeastrum papilio

EX05_150 Iris planifolia
, Algarve
EX05_154 Lachenalia bulbifera

EX05_155 Lachenalia/Polyxena multifolia, Silverhill
EX05_156 Lachenalia namaquensis

EX05_157 Lachenalia quadricolor
McMaster, the best form
EX05_158 Lachenalia  'Ronina' open pollinated
EX05_159 Lachenalia salteri

EX05_160 Manfreda maculosa
EX05_162 Narcissus bulbocodium
, early form
EX05_163 Narcissus bulbocodium
, large flowers
EX05_164 Narcissus cantabricus

EX05_166 Ornithogalum ceresianum

EX05_168 Orthosanthus chimboracensis
EX05_169 Ranunculus asiaticus
, red Oron Peri
EX05_170 Romulea clusiana
, Gibraltar form, Oron Peri
EX05_171 Scilla peruviana
, dark blue
EX05_174 Sparaxis tricolor
, Silverhill
EX05_175 Triteleia peduncularis
EX05_176 Triteleia ixioides
EX05_327 Leopoldia caucasica
EX05_328 Leopoldia cycladica ssp subsessilis
EX05_329 Leopoldia spreitzenhoferi
EX05_397 Herbertia lahue

EX05_398 Ixia maculata

EX05_399 Lapeirousia divaricata
white and pink stripes
EX05_411 Tulipa tarda

EX05_415 Iris forrestii
EX05_417 Iris versicolor
EX05_419 Iris domestica
EX05_421 Iris spuria

EX05_431 Calochortus luteus
Flower Colors: yellow
Flower Season: late spring
Climate: winter rain climate

EX05_434 Calochortus venustus

EX05_440 Acis valentina
Flower Colors: white
Flower Season: early autumn
Life form:  bulb

EX05_459 Paeonia broteri
EX05_463 Prospero obtusifolia
EX05_464 Pulsatilla alpina ex Andorra
EX05_473 Acis autumnalis
Height: 10-20 cm (3.9-7.9 inch)
Flower Colors: white, pink
Flower Season: early autumn
Life form:  bulb

EX05_476 Romulea rosea
f. australis
EX05_477 Zephyranthes minima

EX05_478 Zephyranthes  "Twinkle"

Leftovers from EX04 (spring 2022), last time offered, 1$
EX04_002 Drimia uniflora
DMC 13646 W. of Ladismith
EX04_012 Asclepias tuberosa
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: orange, yellow
Flower Season: early summer to mid summer
Life form:  tuber
Climate: USDA Zone 6-8

EX04_018 Agapanthus inapertus pendulus
EX04_019 Albuca humilis

EX04_020 Allium cyaneum, originally received as A. beesianum
EX04_024 Eucomis autumnalis

EX04_025 Freesia laxa
, salmon with red dots
EX04_026 Lophospermum erubescens 'Alba'
EX04_027 Maurandya wislizeni 'Red Dragon'
EX04_028 Ornithogalum candicans
(Syn. Galtonia c.)
EX04_029 Atropa belladonna
EX04_031 Dioscorea communis
EX04_036 Ipomoea purpurea
EX04_040 Leonurus cardica
EX04_043 Staphylea trifolia
EX04_068 Albuca pulchra

EX04_070 Arisaema consanguineum

EX04_071 Phalocallis coelestis syn. Cypella gigantea
EX04_072 Dahlia excelsa, ID not 100% definite
EX04_073 Dahlia rosea, white
EX04_074 Datura wrightii
EX04_075 LiliumWhite Triumphator
EX04_078 Zantedeschia albomaculata
Flower Colors: white
Special: attractive foliage
Life form:  tuber

EX04_079 Zantedeschia jucunda
Flower Colors: yellow
Special: attractive foliage
Life form:  tuber

EX04_085 Chlorophytum bowkeri

EX04_087 Laxmannia gracilis
EX04_088 Laxmannia squarrosa
EX04_089 Lomandra leucocephala ssp robusta
EX04_090 Lomandra spicata
EX04_094 Phalocallis coelestis
EX04_101 Massonia pustulata
(De Hoop) x self

Happy growing!
Uli and Martin
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Dear All,

Here are some comments on my donation for the current bulb and seed exchange.


Amorphophallus atroviridis:
Rare in cultivation. Beautiful deep green divided foliage with a pink picotee edge. Mottled leaf stalks. The flowers are relatively small and pale yellow, no evil smell, not really interesting. I had no seed set. Flowering tubers do not produce a leaf in the same season, the tubers on offer are not of flowering size. A striking foliage plant. Easy to grow in a warm spot with good light out of direct sunlight. Summer growing with dry winter dormancy, increases fairly well. 

Dioscorea discolor: plant the tuber as soon as possible on arrival and give gentle bottom heat. It will still be slow to sprout but without bottom heat it will take ages. Once started it will grow fast into a vigorous vine with beautiful foliage. Give good light to get good leaf coloration. Fertilize and water well, increases in number and size of the tubers. From Bolivia. Makes a robust house plant on a suitable trellis. Will go dormant fairly late in the year, keep completely dry then, otherwise it will rot. 
Pictures in the WIKI 

Oxalis elegans:
From Ecuador, summer growing and winter dormant. Beautiful colour combination of deep pink flowers, a green centre which is surrounded by a deep purple ring. Attractive foliage as well. Some bulbs were given to me more than 20 years ago by a friendly gardener of Göttingen Botanical Garden. I have given it to as many people as possible. So I could get it back after I lost it. With others of my summer growing Oxalis it succumbed to a fungal rust infection towards the end of summer when the weather turned damp. That was before I moved to Portugal. O. elegans is slow to increase and does not like hot conditions, so I am not sure if I can maintain it in Portugal. Give it full sun but make sure that the pot does not get hot. It seems to be very rare in cultivation.

Oxalis stipularis or decaphylla.
Received very many years ago from a friend who collected it in Mexico but without a name. Summer growing and winter dormant. This one is easy to grow and makes a very attractive pot plant. The foliage is the interesting part, very finely cut into many branching segments. Small pale lilac flowers. Increases easily. Rare in cultivation as well. 
Pictures of both of these oxalis are in the WIKI 
Algarve, Portugal
350m elevation, frost free
Mediterranean Climate


Dear Members living in the EU,
In a few hours' time the spring EU Seed and bulb exchange will be closing (at 24:00 Central European Time) So you still have a few hours to place an order.
The next exchange will take place in September and will be announced through the same channels. Please do not send any more items to Martin until further notice.
Once you will have received your order from this spring exchange, you will find a payment slip included.

Happy growing and have a great summer!

Uli and Martin
Algarve, Portugal
350m elevation, frost free
Mediterranean Climate

Martin Bohnet

last packages went on the road today - as always: please drop me a line on arrival.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)