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Started by Martin Bohnet, September 15, 2023, 11:40:17 AM

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Martin Bohnet

Dear Members living in the EU

The first round of this year's autumn exchange is now open for orders. The time window for ordering will close on Monday, September 18th at 24:00 Central European Time.
Every fully paid member of the PBS with a postal address in the EU can order from the seeds and bulbs on offer. You do not need to be a donor to be entitled to order. There is no limit of how many positions from the list you can request, but you are only allocated one portion of each item. Please refrain from ordering "one of each" of the offerings. You can still join if you are tempted....

Please send your request by e-mail directly to Martin Bohnet, who is the director of the EU Bulb and Seed Exchange. Please do NOT send your request to the forum or the email list, these requests cannot be served. Please make sure you do not use the reply button when sending your request.

Martin's e-mail: garak@code-garak.de
Orders will be accepted during the three day time window after the list went online, closure will be announced in the forum. Distribution will then be at random so that everybody has the same chance to get the rare items in short supply.

Each portion of seed will be charged 2 US $, each portion of bulbs will be 3 US $. For very big/heavy/rare bulbs this may be doubled. Postage will be added at cost, converted into US $.

Payment for items from the EU-BX can only be made by PayPal in US Dollars to the PayPal account of the Pacific Bulb Society. Please make sure that the PBS receives the amount due in US Dollars. Please go to the bottom of the Bulb Exchange page and fill in the details and continue. It guides you directly on to your PayPal account. No cheques or credit cards can be accepted. Enclosed in the order, every recipient will receive a payment slip showing the details, please wait with any payment until you have received your order.

Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Uli Urban:johannes-ulrich-urban@t-online.de
Happy growing!

Uli and Martin

from Martin Bohnet: Bulbs

EX07_001 Allium flavum

EX07_002 Pterostylis stricta x nutans alba
EX07_003 Trimezia steyermarkii
(unrooted offsets)


EX07_004 Acis nicaeensis
Height: 10-20 cm (3.9-7.9 inch)
Flower Colors: white
Flower Season: mid spring

EX07_005 Alstroemeria ligtu

EX07_006 Camassia leichtlinii

EX07_007 Commelina tuberosa

EX07_008 Delphinium semibarbatum
EX07_009 Gladiolus palustris
Height: 30-60 cm (1-2 ft)
Flower Colors: purple, white
Flower Season: early summer
Life form: deciduous corm

EX07_010 Herbertia lahue

EX07_011 Melasphaerula graminea

EX07_012 Moraea marlothii

EX07_013 Paradisea lusitanica

EX07_014 Sisyrinchium striatum

From Gianluca Corazza: seed

EX07_015 Iris sicula

From Eckhard Gottschalk: Bulb

EX07_016 Aristolochia steupii
Flower Colors: yellow, patterned

and seed:

EX07_017 Aristolochia steupii
Flower Colors: yellow, patterned

From Nils Hasenbein: bulbs

EX07_018 Cyrtanthus elatus

EX07_019 Freesia caryophyllacea

EX07_020 Narcissus willkommii

and seed

EX07_021 Dierama pulcherrimum

EX07_022 Fritillaria sewerzowii
,,green eyes"
EX07_023 Lilium pumilum

From Carlos Jimenéz: Non-Bulbous seeds - will be sent as needed to Martin, so they may take a little longer

EX07_024 Drosera rotundifolia - wild
EX07_025 Erinus alpinus
EX07_026 Garidella nigellastrum
EX07_027 Gentiana acaulis
EX07_028 Pinguicula grandiflora
EX07_029 Pinguicula vulgaris
EX07_030 Saxifraga aquatica - endemic from the Pyrenees, lives in high altitude bogs with Parnassia palustris, Drosera rotundifolia, etc.
EX07_031 Saxifraga media - endemic from the central Pyrenees, on limestone slopes
EX07_032 Saxifraga moschata
EX07_033 Saxifraga oppositifolia
EX07_034 Saxifraga paniculata
EX07_035 Saxifraga pubescens subsp. iratiana Pyrenees endemic
EX07_036 Saxifraga stellaris (Micranthes stellaris)  from mountain creeks.
EX07_037 Saxifraga umbrosa Wild
EX07_038 Senecio pyrenaicum
EX07_039 Verbascum pseudocreticum

From Angelika Neitzert: Bulbs

EX07_040 Babiana stricta
kew hybrids
EX07_041 Gladiolus tristis
Height: 45-80 cm (1.5-2.6 ft)
Flower Colors: white, yellow
Flower Season: early spring to mid spring
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate, USDA Zone 8-9
,purple stripe'
EX07_042 Oxalis corymbosa aureo reticulata
EX07_043 Oxalis flava
EX07_044 Romulea australis
EX07_045 Sparaxis elegans

EX07_046 Sparaxis maculosa

and seed:

EX07_047 Haemanthus albiflos

From Liga Plata: bulbs

EX07_048 Babiana pygmea (silver hill seeds)
EX07_049 Ferraria crispa
Flower Colors: white, green, yellow, brown, patterned
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate
, seed from Silver hill
EX07_050 Geissorhiza corrugata
from PBS seeds
EX07_051 Oxalis obtusa

EX07_052 Oxalis Pom-Pom
EX07_053 Pelargonium triste

EX07_054 Pelargonium radulifolium

EX07_055 Veltheimia bracteata
EX07_056 Veltheimia capensis

From Thorben Schneider: Bulb

EX07_057 Tropaeolum tricolor

and seed:

EX07_058 Albuca shawii
Flower Colors: yellow

EX07_059 Cyclamen creticum

EX07_060 Cyclamen cyprium

EX07_061 Cyclamen cyprium ,E.S.'
EX07_062 Cyclamen graecum

EX07_063 Cyclamen libanoticum

EX07_064 Cyclamen rhodium

EX07_065 Cyclamen rhodium peleponesiacum
EX07_066 Cyclamen rhodium viridum
EX07_067 Drimia uniflora

EX07_068 Smilax aspera balearicum

From Uli Urban: Bulbs

EX07_069 Babiana angustifolia
, deep blue
EX07_070 Babiana ambigua
, light blue
EX07_071 Babiana fragrans
, light blue, light fragrance
EX07_072 Babianaspec. dark blue, ex John Lavranos
EX07_073 Babiana melanops
, mid blue
EX07_074 Babiana nana
, large flower, violet
EX07_075 Babiana odorata

EX07_076 Babiana villosa
, wine red
EX07_077 Biarum marmarisense, white, ex Wallis
EX07_078 Brodiaea elegans
, violet, May
EX07_079 Calochortus venustus

EX07_080 Crocus hadriaticus ssp hadriaticus, autumn, white
EX07_081 Dichelostemma ida-maiae
EX07_082 Dichelostemma multiflorum
, violet, May
EX07_083 Dracunculus canariensis
EX07_084 Freesia caryophyllacea
, autumn, dwarf plant, white very fragrant
EX07_085 Freesia Hybrid, deep golden yellow, excellent
EX07_086 Gladiolus carinatus
Flower Colors: yellow, purple, blue
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_087 Gladiolus orchidiflorus
Flower Colors: white, yellow, purple, green, patterned
Climate: winter rain climate
, 1 year old grown on bulbili
EX07_088 Gladiolus priorii
Flower Colors: red
Life form:  corm
Climate: winter rain climate
, ex  Silverhill
EX07_089 Gladiolus scullyii, bulbili
EX07_090 Gladiolus splendens
Flower Colors: red
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_091 Gladiolus uysiae
Flower Colors: brown, patterned
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_092 Gladiolus virescens
Flower Colors: yellow, pink
Flower Season: early spring
, ex McMaster
EX07_093 Helicodiceros muscivorus (Dracunculus)
EX07_094 Ipheion sellowianum

EX07_095 Ipheion uniflorum
EX07_096 Ipheion uniflorum
'Summer Skies'
EX07_097 Iris filifolia
, ex Oron peri, deep blue
EX07_098 Ixia paniculata

EX07_099 Lachenalia aloides
, yellow, from seed
EX07_100 Lachenalia bulbifera
, Bredasdorp form, large red, from seed
EX07_101 Lachenalia latimerae
, small plant, pink, from seed
EX07_102 Lachenalia multifolia
, late, white, floriferous, from Silverhill
EX07_103 Lachenalia/Polyxena paucifolia
, dwarf, purple
EX07_104 Lachenalia quadricolor
, from hand pollinated seed
EX07_105 Lachenalia suaveolens

EX07_106 Moraea tulbaghense, ex Silverhill
EX07_107 Moraea villosa
, ex Bob Werra, ex US SX
EX07_108 Narcissus cordubensis

EX07_109 Narcissus gaditanus

EX07_110 Narcissus X perezlarae
EX07_111 Narcissus romieuxii

EX07_112 Ornithogalum thyrsoides

EX07_113 Oxalis bowiei
, large pink, long flowering
EX07_114 Oxalis cathara
, autumn
EX07_115 Oxalis densa
, low growing, silky white, does not like heat
EX07_116 Oxalis flava
group, spec No 1025, the best of this group, autumn, large silky yellow, Mary Sue Ittner
EX07_117 Oxalis glabra
, autumn, pink
EX07_118 Oxalis goniorrhiza, autumn, winter, very pale pink
EX07_119 Oxalis gracilis
, autumn, orange
EX07_120 Oxalis hirta
, autumn, pale purple
EX07_121 Oxalis spec, ex John Lavranos, autumn, white, pink Picotée, spotted foliage
EX07_122 Oxalis 'Ken Aslett' floriferous clone, autumn, yellow, silky silver foliage
EX07_123 Oxalis kasvogdensis, autumn, yellow, mossy foliage
EX07_124 Oxalis luteola
MV 5567, large pale yellow
EX07_125 Oxalis namaquana
U 54, yellow, long flowering, invasive potential, hardy?
EX07_126 Oxalis obtusa
'Elisabeth' yellow to copper, long flowering
EX07_127 Oxalis obtusa
, large Namaqualand form ex John Lavranos No73, very large magenta, one of the best!
EX07_128 Oxalis palmifrons

EX07_129 Oxalis pardalis
, autumn , purple, dark foliage
EX07_130 Oxalis perdicaria
var perdicaria, autumn, golden yellow, fragrant
EX07_131 Oxalis polyphylla
var heptaphylla, autumn, large pale pink
EX07_132 Oxalis purpurea alba, the best white purpurea, long flowering
EX07_133 Oxalis purpurea
'Lavender and White' long flowering
EX07_134 Oxalis semiloba
, like a brick red bowiei, long flowering
EX07_135 Oxalis tomentosa
, autumn, white
EX07_136 Sparaxis pillansii
Hybrid Mix
EX07_137 Triteleia 'Foxy'
EX07_138 Triteleia laxa

EX07_139 Tropaeolum leptophyllum
Flower Colors: yellow, patterned
Flower Season: late spring
Special: climber

EX07_140 Tropaeolum tricolor

EX07_141 Tulipa spec., systola ?

and seed:

EX07_142 Albuca nelsonii
Flower Colors: white, green
Life form:  bulb

EX07_143 Albuca fragrans
EX07_144 Albucaspec,  Grahamstown, bright yellow upright flow. 50cm From microwaved pollen
EX07_145 Allium scorzonerifolium

EX07_146 Calochortus albus

EX07_147 Calochortus spec.  Santa Monica Range, King Gilette Rd
EX07_148 Cyclamen persicum
ex Red Shades Karpathos, open pollinated
EX07_149 Cyclamen persicum
ex pure white open pollinated
EX07_150 Cyrtanthus brachycyphus
EX07_151 Ferraria divaricata araneosa
EX07_152 Freesia Hybr. Ex Red Passion, open pollinated
EX07_153 Gladiolus alatus
Flower Colors: orange, white, yellow
Life form:  corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_154 Gladiolus aureus
Flower Colors: yellow
Climate: winter rain climate
hand pollinated
EX07_155 Hippeastrum aulicum
Height: 45-60 cm (1.5-2 ft)
Flower Colors: red
Life form: evergreen bulb
var robustum
EX07_156 Hippeastrum evansiae
, plenty
EX07_157 Iris sicula

EX07_158 Ixia viridiflora

EX07_159 Lachenalia matthewsii open pollinated
EX07_160 Manfreda maculata

EX07_161 Narcissus triandrus

EX07_162 Ornithogalum ceresianum
black centre
EX07_163 Ornithogalum fimbrimarginatum

EX07_164 Ornithogalum pruinosum

EX07_165 Pelargonium bowkeri

EX07_166 Primula hendersonii
(was Dodecatheon)
EX07_167 Ranunculus cortusifolius
EX07_168 Romulea clusiana
, ex Oron Peri
EX07_169 Sparaxis roxburgii open pollinated
EX07_170 Sparaxis tricolor
, open pollinated
EX07_171 Tropaeolum hookerianum

EX07_172 Veltheimia bracteata

EX07_173 Watsonia marginata

EX07_174 Zantedeschia aethiopica
Height: 60-100 cm (2-3.3 ft)
Flower Colors: white
Flower Season: mid spring to early summer
Life form:  tuber
  ex 'Flamingo'

from Marian Vanneste: bulbs

EX07_175 Amaryllis belladonna

EX07_176 Chasmanthe aethiopica

EX07_177 Ferraria crispa
Flower Colors: white, green, yellow, brown, patterned
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_178 Gladiolus italicus
Flower Colors: purple, white

and seed:

EX07_179 Allium triquetrum

EX07_180 Chasmanthe aethiopica

EX07_181 Gladiolus italicus
Flower Colors: purple, white

From Château Pérouse / Albertus Jan-Willem Vos
once again these are only ordered on demand and may need a few days longer. All seed or bulbuli charged as seed.

EX07_182 Albuca aurea
Flower Colors: yellow, green

EX07_183 Albuca spiralis

EX07_184 Albuca viscosa
EX07_185 Allium acutiflorum
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: pink
Flower Season: late spring to early summer

EX07_186 Allium amplectens
Flower Colors: white, pink
Flower Season: mid spring
Life form:  bulb

EX07_187 Allium carinatum
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: white, pink, purple
Flower Season: early summer
Life form: deciduous bulb
ssp pulchellum
EX07_188 Allium eriocoleum
EX07_189 Allium lusitanicum
EX07_190 Allium paniculatum
ssp pallens
EX07_191 Allium ramosum

EX07_192 Allium roborowskianum
EX07_193 Allium saxatile

EX07_194 Allium schoenoprasum

EX07_195 Allium subhirsutum

EX07_196 Allium tuberosum
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: white
Flower Season: mid summer to late summer
Special: edible leaves

EX07_197 Aristea ecklonii

EX07_198 Asparagus racemosus
EX07_199 Babiana ambigua

EX07_200 Babiana angustifolia

EX07_201 Babiana blanda

EX07_202 Babiana cuneata

EX07_203 Babiana dregei

EX07_204 Babiana ecklonii

EX07_205 Babiana ecklonii
EX07_206 Babiana fourcadei
EX07_207 Babiana fragrans

EX07_208 Babiana fragrans
EX07_209 Babiana framesii

EX07_210 Babiana hirsuta

EX07_211 Babiana inclinata
ex Hermon
EX07_212 Babiana inclinata
ex Silverhill Porterville
EX07_213 Babiana inclinata
ex Silverhill Porterville  (Bulbils)
EX07_214 Babiana karooica

EX07_215 Babiana leipoldtii

EX07_216 Babiana lineolata
ex Cederberg
EX07_217 Babiana lineolata
ex Cederberg  (Bulbils)
EX07_218 Babiana lineolata
ex Porterville
EX07_219 Babiana lineolata
ex Porterville  (Bulbils)
EX07_220 Babiana melanops

EX07_221 Babiana mucronata ssp minor
EX07_222 Babiana mucronata ssp mucronata
EX07_223 Babiana nana ssp nana
EX07_224 Babiana nana ssp nana  (Bulbils)
EX07_225 Babiana nervosa
EX07_226 Babiana noctiflora

EX07_227 Babiana patersoniae

EX07_228 Babiana patula
ex Indigenous Bulb Association of SA
EX07_229 Babiana patula
ex Silverhill
EX07_230 Babiana praemorsa

EX07_231 Babiana purpurea

EX07_232 Babiana purpurea
EX07_233 Babiana pygmaea

EX07_234 Babiana ringens

EX07_235 Babiana rubrocyanea

EX07_236 Babiana rubrocyanea
ex Silverhill 3
EX07_237 Babiana rubrocyanea
ex Silverhill 5
EX07_238 Babiana sambucina

EX07_239 Babiana scariosa

EX07_240 Babiana sinuata

EX07_241 Babiana spathacea

EX07_242 Babiana tanquana

EX07_243 Babiana tubaeformis
EX07_244 Babiana tubiflora

EX07_245 Babiana tubulosa
ex Bulb Argence
EX07_246 Babiana tubulosa
ex Bulb Argence  (Bulbils)
EX07_247 Babiana tubulosa
ex Hoog
EX07_248 Babiana vanzijliae

EX07_249 Babiana villosa

EX07_250 Babiana villosula
ex Brackenfell
EX07_251 Babiana villosula
ex Stellenbosch
EX07_252 Bellevalia dubia
ex Libertos
EX07_253 Bellevalia dubia
ex dix
EX07_254 Bellevalia longistyla

EX07_255 Bellevalia romana

EX07_256 Beschorneria septentrionalis
EX07_257 Brimeura amethystina

EX07_258 Brodiaea californica

EX07_259 Brodiaea elegans

EX07_260 Chasmanthe aethiopica

EX07_261 Chasmanthe bicolor

EX07_262 Colchicum szovitsii

EX07_263 Cordyline petiolaris
EX07_264 Crocus angustifolius

EX07_265 Crocus clusii
EX07_266 Crocus goulimyi

EX07_267 Crocus robertianus

EX07_268 Dierama pendulum

EX07_269 Dierama pulcherrimum

EX07_270 Dipcadi serotinum var fulvum
EX07_271 Ferraria divaricata
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: yellow, green
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_272 Ferraria schaeferi
Flower Colors: yellow, brown, patterned
Special: fragrant
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate
EX07_273 Ferraria variabilis
Flower Colors: yellow, green, brown, patterned
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate
EX07_274 Freesia caryophyllacea

EX07_275 Freesia fucata

EX07_276 Freesia laxa
ex issa
EX07_277 Freesia laxa
ex Bulb Argence
EX07_278 Freesia leichtlinii

EX07_279 Freesia leichtlinii
ssp alba
EX07_280 Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba  (Bulbils)
EX07_281 Freesia speciosa

EX07_282 Freesia viridis

EX07_283 Fritillaria persica

EX07_284 Geissorhiza aspera

EX07_285 Gladiolus abbreviatus
Flower Colors: red
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_286 Gladiolus arcuatus
Flower Colors: pink, purple
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_287 Gladiolus arcuatus
Flower Colors: pink, purple
Climate: winter rain climate
EX07_288 Gladiolus ceresianus
Height: 0-10 cm (0-3.9 inch)
Flower Colors: green
Life form:  corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_289 Gladiolus communis
Height: 45-60 cm (1.5-2 ft)
Flower Colors: purple

EX07_290 Gladiolus floribundus
Flower Colors: white, pink
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_291 Gladiolus griseus
Flower Colors: white
Life form:  corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_292 Gladiolus huttonii
Flower Colors: red, orange
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_293 Gladiolus illyricus
Flower Colors: purple

EX07_294 Gladiolus italicus
Flower Colors: purple, white
ex Gibraltar
EX07_295 Gladiolus italicus
Flower Colors: purple, white
ex Thuret
EX07_296 Gladiolus liliaceus
Flower Colors: yellow, pink, purple
Life form:  corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_297 Gladiolus longicollis
Flower Colors: white, yellow
Life form:  corm
Climate: summer rain climate

EX07_298 Gladiolus miniatus
Flower Colors: pink, orange
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_299 Gladiolus ochroleucus
Flower Colors: pink
Climate: summer rain climate

EX07_300 Gladiolus splendens
Flower Colors: red
Climate: winter rain climate
ex Roggeveld
EX07_301 Gladiolus splendens
Flower Colors: red
Climate: winter rain climate
ex Siraudeau
EX07_302 Gladiolus tristis
Height: 45-80 cm (1.5-2.6 ft)
Flower Colors: white, yellow
Flower Season: early spring to mid spring
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate, USDA Zone 8-9

EX07_303 Gladiolus undulatus
Flower Colors: white, pink
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_304 Gladiolus venustus
Flower Colors: pink, purple, yellow
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_305 Gladiolus virescens
Flower Colors: yellow, pink
Flower Season: early spring

EX07_306 Hesperaloe parviflora
EX07_307 Hesperantha bachmannii
ex Siraudeau
EX07_308 Hesperantha bachmannii
ex Libertos
EX07_309 Hesperoyucca whipplei
EX07_310 Hyacinthoides hispanica

EX07_311 Hyacinthoides non-scripta

EX07_312 Hyacinthoides reverchonii

EX07_313 Iris spuria

EX07_314 Ixia contorta

EX07_315 Ixia curta

EX07_316 Ixia gloriosa

EX07_317 Ixia orientalis

EX07_318 Ixia polystachya

EX07_319 Ixia polystachya var lutea
EX07_320 Ixia ramulosa
ex Kamiesberg
EX07_321 Ixia ramulosa
ex Libertos
EX07_322 Ixia tenuifolia

EX07_323 Ixia thomasiae

EX07_324 Ixia trifolia

EX07_325 Ixia viridiflora

EX07_326 Lachenalia algoensis

EX07_327 Lachenalia aloides

EX07_328 Lachenalia aloides
EX07_329 Lachenalia anguinea
ex Siraudeau
EX07_330 Lachenalia anguinea
ex Telos
EX07_331 Lachenalia arbuthnotiae

EX07_332 Lachenalia arbuthnotiae
EX07_333 Lachenalia attenuata

EX07_334 Lachenalia bachmannii

EX07_335 Lachenalia bachmannii
EX07_336 Lachenalia calcicola
EX07_337 Lachenalia carnosa

EX07_338 Lachenalia comptoni
EX07_339 Lachenalia congesta

EX07_340 Lachenalia contaminata
ex IBA of SA
EX07_341 Lachenalia contaminata
ex IBA of SA  (Bulbils)
EX07_342 Lachenalia contaminata
ex Telos
EX07_343 Lachenalia contaminata
ex Villiersdorp
EX07_344 Lachenalia ensifolia
ex Siraudeau
EX07_345 Lachenalia ensifolia
ex Willemsrivier
EX07_346 Lachenalia flava

EX07_347 Lachenalia haarlemensis

EX07_348 Lachenalia judithiae
EX07_349 Lachenalia kliprandensis

EX07_350 Lachenalia liliiflora
EX07_351 Lachenalia liliiflora (Bulbils)
EX07_352 Lachenalia lutea

EX07_353 Lachenalia marginata ssp neglecta
EX07_354 Lachenalia marginata ssp neglecta  (Bulbils)
EX07_355 Lachenalia mathewsii
ex Mediterranean Garden Society
EX07_356 Lachenalia mathewsii
ex Siraudeau
EX07_357 Lachenalia membranacea

EX07_358 Lachenalia multifolia

EX07_359 Lachenalia multifolia
EX07_360 Lachenalia mutabilis

EX07_361 Lachenalia orthopetala

EX07_362 Lachenalia orthopetala
EX07_363 Lachenalia pallida

EX07_364 Lachenalia pallida
EX07_365 Lachenalia paucifolia

EX07_366 Lachenalia purpureocaerulea

EX07_367 Lachenalia pygmaea

EX07_368 Lachenalia pygmaea
EX07_369 Lachenalia reflexa

EX07_370 Lachenalia rosea

EX07_371 Lachenalia schlechteri
EX07_372 Lachenalia splendida

EX07_373 Lachenalia stayneri
EX07_374 Lachenalia stayneri  (Bulbils)
EX07_375 Lachenalia summerfieldii

EX07_376 Lachenalia thomasiae

EX07_377 Lachenalia trichophylla

EX07_378 Lachenalia unifolia

EX07_379 Lachenalia ventricosa

EX07_380 Lachenalia violacea

EX07_381 Lachenalia whitehillensis

EX07_382 Lachenalia wrightii
EX07_383 Lachenalia wrightii(Bulbils)
EX07_384 Lachenalia zeyheri

EX07_385 Lapeirousia divaricata
ex Libertos
EX07_386 Lapeirousia divaricata
ex Silverhill
EX07_387 Lapeirousia montana

EX07_388 Lapeirousia oreogena

EX07_389 Lapeirousia pyramidalis

EX07_390 Laxmannia gracilis
EX07_391 Leopoldia caucasica
EX07_392 Leopoldia spreitzenhoferi
EX07_393 Leopoldia weissii
EX07_394 Leucocoryne purpurea

EX07_395 Leucocoryne vittata

EX07_396 Libertia chilensis
EX07_397 Libertia sessiliflora

EX07_398 Massonia echinata

EX07_399 Massonia hirsuta

EX07_400 Massonia pseudoechinata

EX07_401 Massonia pustulata
ex Issa
EX07_402 Massonia pustulata
ex napier
EX07_403 Massonia pygmaea

EX07_404 Massonia sempervirens

EX07_405 Moraea bipartita

EX07_406 Moraea britteniae

EX07_407 Moraea bulbillifera

EX07_408 Moraea collina

EX07_409 Moraea comptonii

EX07_410 Moraea cookii

EX07_411 Moraea flaccida
ex Laxhart
EX07_412 Moraea flaccida
ex Laxhart  (Bulbils)
EX07_413 Moraea flaccida
ex Libertos  (Bulbils)
EX07_414 Moraea fugax

EX07_415 Moraea gigandra

EX07_416 Moraea longifolia

EX07_417Moraea marlothii

EX07_418 Moraea miniata

EX07_419 Moraea pendula

EX07_420 Moraea polystachya

EX07_421 Moraea setifolia

EX07_422 Moraea sisyrinchium

EX07_423 Moraea vegeta

EX07_424 Muscari macrocarpum

EX07_425 Muscari neglectum

EX07_426 Narcissus dubius

EX07_427 Narcissus flavus
EX07_428 Narcissus obesus

EX07_429 Narcissus papyraceus

EX07_430 Ornithogalum dictaeum
EX07_431 Ornithogalum montanum

EX07_432 Orthrosanthus polystachyus

EX07_433 Paradisea lusitanica

EX07_434 Patersonia lanata
EX07_435 Patersonia occidentalis ex Aus Seed 9
EX07_436 Patersonia occidentalis ex Nidenthana
EX07_437 Patersonia occidentalis 'Alba'
EX07_438 Patersonia sericea
EX07_439 Phalocallis coelestis
EX07_440 Pseudomuscari inconstrictum

EX07_441 Romulea albiflora

EX07_442 Romulea austinii

EX07_443 Romulea bulbocodium var crocea
EX07_444 Romulea clusiana

EX07_445 Romulea clusiana
EX07_446 Romulea cruciata

EX07_447 Romulea cruciata var intermedia
EX07_448 Romulea diversiformis

EX07_449 Romulea engleri

EX07_450 Romulea eximia

EX07_451 Romulea flava

EX07_452 Romulea gigantea

EX07_453 Romulea hirta

EX07_454 Romulea leipoldtii

EX07_455 Romulea longipes

EX07_456 Romulea minutiflora

EX07_457 Romulea monadelpha

EX07_458 Romulea multisulcata

EX07_459 Romulea obscura

EX07_460 Romulea pratensis

EX07_461 Romulea ramiflora

EX07_462 Romulea rosea var australis
EX07_463 Romulea rosea var rosea
EX07_464 Romulea tetragona

EX07_465 Romulea tetragona var flavandra
EX07_466 Scilla litardierei
EX07_467 Scilla peruviana

EX07_468 Sisyrinchium californicum

EX07_469 Sisyrinchium idahoense
EX07_470 Sisyrinchium striatum

EX07_471 Sisyrinchium tinctorium
EX07_472 Sparaxis bulbifera

EX07_473 Sparaxis elegans
Ex Indigenous Bulb Association of SA
EX07_474 Sparaxis elegans
ex PBS
EX07_475 Sparaxis elegans
ex Telos
EX07_476 Sparaxis fragrans
ex Libertos
EX07_477 Sparaxis fragrans
ex Silverhill
EX07_478 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp acutiloba ex Piketberg
EX07_479 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp acutiloba ex Citrusdal
EX07_480 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp violacea
EX07_481 Sparaxis metelerkampiae

EX07_482 Sparaxis parviflora

EX07_483 Sparaxis pillansii

EX07_484 Sparaxis tricolor

EX07_485 Sparaxis tricolor
ex Clanwilliam
EX07_486 Triteleia peduncularis

EX07_487 Tritonia crocata

EX07_488 Tritonia deusta

EX07_489 Tritonia squalida
ex Silverhill
EX07_490 Tritonia squalida
ex Siraudeau
EX07_491 Tulbaghia natalensis

EX07_492 Tulbaghia violacea

EX07_493 Tulipa clusiana

EX07_494 Tulipa clusiana
ex Lepage
EX07_495 Tulipa ferganica

EX07_496 Tulipa sprengeri

EX07_497 Tulipa tschimganica
EX07_498 Veltheimia bracteata

EX07_499 Watsonia coccinea

EX07_500 Watsonia densiflora

EX07_501 Watsonia pillansii

EX07_502 Zephyranthes citrina

EX07_503 Zephyranthes katheriniae
EX07_504 Zephyranthes magnoi
EX07_505 Zephyranthes martinezii

In addition we offer leftovers from two previous exchanges - these are all seed and are charged at 1$ /Package.

From EX06 - 2023 spring distribution

EX06_006 Ennealophus euryandrus

EX06_012 Agapanthusspec.,light blue / whitish
EX06_013 Albuca abyssinica

EX06_014 Albuca humilis

EX06_015 Albuca setosa
Flower Colors: white, green, brown, yellow
Life form:  bulb

EX06_016 Albuca tenuifolia
EX06_017 Allium cernuum
Flower Colors: pink, white
Flower Season: early summer to mid summer

EX06_018 Allium cyathophorum var. farrerii
EX06_019 Allium goodingii
EX06_020 Anthericum ramosum

EX06_021 Dietes iridioides

EX06_022 Dipcadi serotinum

EX06_023 Ornithogalum balansae

EX06_024 Ornithogalum saundersii
EX06_025 Tulbaghia maritima
EX06_026 Zephyranthes primulina

EX06_027 Allium acutiflorum
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: pink
Flower Season: late spring to early summer
(ex Antibes)
EX06_028 Allium christophii
EX06_029 Allium incensiodorum

EX06_030 Anemone drummondii
EX06_033 Iris x pacifica cultivar mix
EX06_034 Lathyrusspec. Russia
EX06_036 Tulipa clusiana

EX06_037 Tulipa kaufmanniana cv ,Gracija'
EX06_039 Lilium pumilum

EX06_043 Tropaeolum hookerianum

EX06_045 Albuca nelsonii
Flower Colors: white, green
Life form:  bulb

EX06_046 Albuca pulchra

EX06_047 Arisaema flava
EX06_048 Canna paniculata
EX06_051 Dahlia excelsa
EX06_052 Dietes grandiflora

EX06_054 Hippeastrum evansiae

EX06_055 Lilium chalcedonicum
older seed!
EX06_056 Lilium Hybr. 'White Triumphator' open pollinated
EX06_057 Lilium philippinense

EX06_058 Lilium pumilum

EX06_059 Neomarica spec. 1,5, beige and blue
EX06_060 Phalocallis coelestis syn Cypella gigantea
EX06_152 Lachenalia comptonii
EX06_219 Romulea rosea var rosea
EX06_242 Fritillaria bucharica
(syn Rhinopetalum)
EX06_243 Fritillaria stenanthera
(syn Rhinopetalum)
EX06_244 Narcissus cantabricus
ex Malaga – Tetraploid?
EX06_245 Narcissus dubius
ex Cartagena
EX06_246 Narcissus gaditanus

EX06_251 Lilium phillippinense

and, last set again at 1$, all seed from last year's fall distribution:

EX05_021 Moraea ochroleuca aurantica
EX05_022 Muscari comosa syn Leopoldia comosa
EX05_023 Scilla peruviana
pale blue
EX05_024 Brodiaea californica

EX05_028 Dichelostemma capitatum

EX05_029 Dichelostemma congestum

EX05_030 Dichelostemma ida-maia

EX05_031 Dichelostemma multiflorum

EX05_051 Paradisea lusitanica

EX05_052 Tulipa carinata 'Holland'OP
EX05_053 Tulipa clusiana 'Cynthia' OP
EX05_054 Tulipa tarda dasystemon OP
EX05_055 Tulipa tarda
EX05_056 Tulipa tschimganica 'Spanish Flag'OP
EX05_057 Tulipa tschimganica yellow/red OP
EX05_058 Albuca shawii
Flower Colors: yellow

EX05_129 Albuca fragrans
EX05_134 Babiana odorata
EX05_135 Dichelostemma ida-maiae
EX05_136 Dietes grandiflora

EX05_137 Ferraria divaricata var areneosa
EX05_138 Freesia caryophyllaceae, Mc Master
EX05_144 Hesperantha bachmannii

EX05_145 Hesperantha cucullata

EX05_146 Hippeastrum evansieae
EX05_148 Hippeastrum papilio
EX05_150 Iris planifolia
, Algarve
EX05_154 Lachenalia bulbifera

EX05_155 Lachenalia/Polyxena multifolia, Silverhill
EX05_156 Lachenalia namaquensis

EX05_157 Lachenalia quadricolor
McMaster, the best form
EX05_158 Lachenalia Hybr. 'Ronina' open pollinated
EX05_159 Lachenalia salteri

EX05_163 Narcissus bulbocodium
, large flowers
EX05_164 Narcissus cantabricus

EX05_166 Ornithogalum ceresianum

EX05_168 Orthosanthus chimboracensis
EX05_169 Ranunculus asiaticus
, red Oron Peri
EX05_170 Romulea clusiana
, Gibraltar form, Oron Peri
EX05_171 Scilla peruviana
, dark blue
EX05_174 Sparaxis tricolor
, Silverhill
EX05_175 Triteleia peduncularis
EX05_176 Triteleia ixioides
EX05_327 Leopoldia caucasica
EX05_328 Leopoldia cycladica ssp subsessilis
EX05_329 Leopoldia spreitzenhoferi
EX05_397 Herbertia lahue

EX05_398 Ixia maculata

EX05_399 Lapeirousia divaricata
white and pink stripes
EX05_411 Tulipa tarda

EX05_415 Iris forrestii
EX05_417 Iris versicolor
EX05_419 Iris domestica
EX05_421 Iris spuria

EX05_431 Calochortus luteus
Flower Colors: yellow
Flower Season: late spring
Climate: winter rain climate

EX05_434 Calochortus venustus

EX05_463 Prospero obtusifolia
EX05_464 Pulsatilla alpina ex Andorra
EX05_473 Acis autumnalis
Height: 10-20 cm (3.9-7.9 inch)
Flower Colors: white, pink
Flower Season: early autumn
Life form:  bulb

EX05_476 Romulea rosea f. australis
EX05_477 Zephyranthes minima

EX05_478 Zephyranthes  "Twinkle"

That completes the list!
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Dear All,
Here are some informations concerning my donation to the current EU-BX

The Lachenalia bulbs were grown from seed, hand pollinated in this case. Seed grown plants are much more vigorous and healthy than the ones propagated by bulbils.
Some info concerning the seed:
Many packets will have the abbreviation o.p. which stands for open pollinated, some are marked h.p., hand pollinated. Some genera are notorious hybridizers, like Iris and Sparaxis, the offspring can be variable.
Albuca spec. Grahamstown, 50cm tall, upright bright yellow flowers, evergreen. This is the first plant I managed to propagate with microwaved pollen. The offspring is uniform and looks like the mother plant, setting seed with hand pollination. Spring flowering, similar to but different from Albuca aurea. Seed can be sown any time, with poor light conditions in winter better sow in spring.
Cyclamen persicum open pollinated colour forms. I do not know how true they will be from seed. The white one is particularly elegant.
Freesia Hybrid ex 'Red Passion' Hybrid seed does not come true. Sown early it may flower in spring, otherwise a year later. Seed grown Freesia are healthy and vigorous and it is fun to select your own favourite colours.
Hippeastrum seed germinates best with the water flotation method:https://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/index.php/Hippeastrum
Zantedeschia aethiopica ex 'Flamingo', a good pink. I do not know if the seed will produce pink offspring, the plant is new to my collection. I found many empty seeds and only a few good ones. Seed size is much smaller than ordinary Z. aethiopica seed. The seed you get is hand selected. No guarantee for successful germination can be given, I will sow some of the remaining seed myself.
happy growing!

Algarve, Portugal
350m elevation, frost free
Mediterranean Climate

Martin Bohnet

The ordering Window is closed. I'll be sorting and sending for a while now.

Donations are still accepted for a second ordering phase around the beginning of October.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

Martin Bohnet

Most packages went out today, only withholding 3 with dicot seeds from the Pyrenees that did not seem to have other time-critical components. That was a big sort in a hefty week at the daytime job, so sorry for being a few days later than usual.

Meanwhile, some items for the b part have arrived, so stay tuned  - or maybe you have own items to contribute? There's still some time to enter them...
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


A great effort, thanks. The stuff from the Pyrenees is on its way.

Carlos Jiménez
Valencia, Spain, zone 10
Dry Thermomediterranean, 450 mm

Martin Bohnet

The remaining packages with the pyrenee seeds are on the road. Unfortunately there might be some delay in transport as Germany has national holiday tomorrow.

Meanwhile I've both received some entries for the late edition as well as notes of arrival of the first round - please keep both coming. From a personal perspective (and my free time planning) I could see the weekend around the 15th as second ordering phase - please contact me if you have fall distribution items that will take longer to ripen.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)